Sophia Cavalluzzi is a junior majoring in English.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself — any clubs, hobbies or major plans for the future?

“I’ve been part of the Student Association Programming Board (SAPB) since my freshman year. I am currently also an intern in the Binghamton University Office of Media and Public Relations. I love to write, watch YouTube and travel. I hope to attend graduate school for public relations and eventually work at an entertainment public relations firm.”

2. What is your platform?

“My platform begins with communication, and stems into growth and success. As vice president for programming (VPP), I want campus to know that I am accessible and their feedback will be taken into consideration. With increased communication will come increased growth and engagement of the programming board. I will make it a priority to make the student body more aware of the SAPB and what they do. This growth will help bring success to events the SAPB will hold, as well as maintain the success the larger events already have.”

3. Why did you decide to run for an SA E-Board position?

“I decided to run for VPP because the SAPB is where I found my niche and passion. I’ve grown with the board and have seen what it takes to keep the programming on campus running. I’ve learned a lot about what needs to be done as VPP, but have also had chances to learn about what needs to change in order to better the SAPB and campus programming as a whole. I am confident I have the experience within the board to improve it.”

4. What issues will you prioritize if you are elected?

“The number one issue I want to focus on is the lack of communication with campus. I know that much of the student body feels as though their feedback is not listened to in terms of the type of events that take place on campus. I aim to change this and make sure the student body knows that not only am I listening, but I am actively taking their feedback into consideration and making changes based on the criticism I receive.”