Student attendance at Thursday’s fall concert was noticeably low, with most of the Events Center left empty.

According to Joseph Gallagher, an investigator with Binghamton’s New York State University Police, the department was told that approximately 700 tickets were sold for the concert. The Events Center seats 5,142 people, not including standing room on the floor, according the BU Bearcats website.

“The crowd was the smallest I have seen at a fall concert in my 15 years here at the University, by far,” Gallagher said. “We were informed that 713 tickets were sold, but it looked like maybe 500 to 600 people actually showed up. The people that did attend did seem to enjoy themselves, though.”

The Student Association Programming Board (SAPB) is in charge of organizing the fall concert, and information about the date and artists of the event was not publicly available until a few weeks before the concert.

SAPB’s official Facebook page posted on Sept. 22 to announce the fall concert date, without the names of the artists performing. The fall lineup was not posted on the page until Oct. 7, 10 days before the concert was scheduled to take place, followed by a website link where individuals could purchase tickets at $25 for general admission and $40 for floor tickets.

Sam Backner, a junior double-majoring in sociology and philosophy, politics and law, said the timing of the concert was not ideal for a lot of students, which historically takes place at 7 p.m. on Thursday night around mid-semester.

“I was interested in attending the concert,” Backner said. “But since it was during the height of midterm season — and I had a commitment at 8 p.m. — I did not go, sadly.”

Some students also expressed disinterest in the artists performing. Devon Close, a junior majoring in integrative neuroscience, said that Gucci Mane and Doja Cat were not artists that would entice him to go to the fall concert.

“Personally, I wasn’t so interested in attending the concert, because I’m not the biggest rap fan,” Close said. “From the people I spoke to, there were a bunch of people who might have gone if it were a different artist.”

The SAPB could not be reached for comment.