Co-rec football is one of the oldest campus traditions at Binghamton University, but Mountainview College has always lacked its own team. Now, because of the renovations occurring in Hinman College, Mountainview College residents will be able to team up with their neighbors and lead their community to victory as part of a new team.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning in the fall semester, Mountainview College will line up against other dorms to play two-hand-touch, coed football. The tradition of co-rec football at BU first began in Hinman College in 1971, and has since spread to all the other communities — but never to Mountainview College.

The construction being done on Cleveland Hall of Hinman College meant that there was a vacant spot in the community’s co-rec team — only four residence halls were competing along with the Hinman Fellows, a team compromised of undergraduate and graduate Hinman College alumni. Mountainview College’s desire for a team lined up well with Hinman College’s vacancy, so Mountainview College formed a team to compete in Hinman College’s league. Griffin Wallick, a junior double-majoring in human development and political science, serves as the coach for the Mountainview College team.

“We wanted to create a Mountainview [College] co-rec team because we thought it would be a really fun way to build community in Mountainview [College],” Wallick wrote in an email. “We also figured that co-rec is a fun thing that other communities do so it would be nice to bring that [BU] tradition to Mountainview [College].”

Students living in Hinman College have been adapting to the changes the renovations have presented. A Hinman College transition team was formed by students and staff in the community to address these changes. To temporarily replace the Starbucks that was located in Hinman Dining Hall, a Starbucks truck now occupies a lot outside of the Hinman Commons. The Subway that was located in Hinman Dining Hall was moved to the University Union, replacing SubConnection.

As Hinman College adapts to its renovations, the joint co-rec effort between Mountainview College and Hinman College continues to gain popularity. Wallick said the team has been trying to gain momentum.

“Attendance has been going up throughout the year, which is great to see,” Wallick wrote. “Hopefully, this season can be a launching off point for [Mountainview College] to create their own co-rec league. It would be really nice for Mountainview [College] to create their own co-rec tradition.”

Julia Diana, a sophomore double-majoring in biology and English, plays for Broome Hall of Newing College’s co-rec league and said co-rec has grown her friendships.

“I love the community aspect of it,” Diana said. “It’s really fun to go on the field and hang out with a bunch of people from the building.”