Katherine Scott/Pipe Dream Photographer Binghamton University’s chapter of She’s the First hosts its second-annual 5K to raise money for women to gain access to education in low-income countries.

With the goal of increasing access to education for women in low-income countries, She’s the First held its second-annual 5K run on Saturday morning at Old Dickinson Field.

She’s the First, a nonprofit organization that aims to sponsor girls in low-income countries so they receive an education, held the run in collaboration with Fit University, a health and wellness organization on campus, and Binghamton University’s chapter of Pretty Girls Sweat, a group that aims to unite women through fitness.

Kyra Brunner, vice president of She’s the First and a senior majoring in sociology, said the event was first held last year, and following its success, She’s the First decided to hold it again.

The funding raised by the participants, which totaled $310 from 40 walkers, runners and outside donations, will go toward providing education to women abroad and will help supply these women with other necessary materials, such as notebooks and writing utensils.

“We take the money at the end of the year and donate it back to our national organization of She’s the First, and they take that money and it goes to girls in underdeveloped countries,” Brunner said. “In past years, we sponsored a girl from Ethiopia, and that money gives her not only uniforms and books but mentorship, transportation, tutoring and food.”

Alyssa Lat, a marketer for Fit University and a junior majoring in psychology, said Fit University was excited to partner up with She’s the First for the 5K.

“Fit University collaborated with She’s the First because we felt the cause was also close to our hearts,” Lat said. “Fit University is still a growing organization, and we were blessed to collaborate with them. She’s the First continues to inspire me with their ambition and enthusiasm about this event, and it personally motivated me.”

Tim Garraffo, a sophomore majoring in philosophy, politics and law, came in first and was awarded a $25 gift card to Sake-Tumi, a Japanese restaurant in Downtown Binghamton. Garraffo said the event was enjoyable and deepened his knowledge of the issues surrounding women’s education.

“I love running, but it was first and foremost a great cause with a great environment overall,” Garraffo said. “It’s a cause I didn’t know a lot about before today, and it was more about the experience than my time.”

Michael Maceluch, a sophomore majoring in accounting, who came in second place and won a $10 gift card to Binghamton Hots, said he was happy to work out for a cause.

“My friend told me about the cause, and I felt it was a good way to start off the weekend with a purpose,” Maceluch said. “It was a fun experience to run with friends for an important cause. It was a great run, workout and overall experience.”