The following reports were provided by Investigator Robert Meddleton of Binghamton’s New York State University Police.

Missing Yeezys

FRIDAY, March 1, 2:27 p.m. — Officers responded to the laundry room in Mohawk Hall of College-in-the-Woods after a male reported he was missing two pairs of shoes. The male, 20, said he had put two pairs of Adidas Yeezys in a dryer at 1:30 p.m. and left the laundry room. When he returned to the laundry room around 2 p.m., the shoes were gone. He said one pair of shoes was all white and the other was black, white and brown. The shoes are valued at $500 per pair. The theft remains under investigation, and anybody with information about the incident should contact UPD.

Punch and vodka shots

SATURDAY, March 2, 3:12 p.m. — Officers responded to Cascade Hall of Mountainview College after receiving reports of an intoxicated 19-year-old female. The officers were met by one of the female’s suitemates, who led them into the bathroom of a suite where the female was gripping the toilet, throwing up and mumbling to herself. She had also urinated in her pants. Officers contacted Harpur’s Ferry. While waiting for EMTs to arrive, the female’s suitemates said she had consumed three cups of punch at an off-campus party and had taken several vodka shots while pregaming. Harpur’s Ferry transported the female to Binghamton General Hospital.

No lights, no insurance, no license plates

SATURDAY, March 2, 7:30 p.m. — Officers on patrol observed a black Toyota Highlander traveling south on Glenn G. Bartle Drive with its passenger-side headlight out. The driver was identified by his New York state driver’s license and was told his headlight wasn’t working correctly. The driver said he was aware and had gotten a ticket a few days prior. After running the vehicle’s license plates, officers also discovered his vehicle was suspected because of an insurance lapse. When questioned, the male said he had switched insurance companies and was without insurance for two weeks. He was issued two traffic tickets, and after his vehicle was parked in a residential parking lot, officers removed the license plates from the vehicle. The driver will appear in Vestal Town Court.

A nasty argument?

SUNDAY, March 3, 3:04 p.m. — Officers responded to Minnewaska Hall of Hillside Community after receiving a call from two residents who said they found signs of a struggle after returning to their apartment from a multiday conference. Upon arriving at the apartment, officers spoke with the residents. They said they didn’t know their other suitemate well, but heard her arguing with a male who had been staying with her before they left for their conference on Feb. 28. When they returned to the apartment several days later, there was a tablecloth hanging in the living room to cover a hole in the sheetrock. Additionally, the towel rack had been pulled off the wall in the bathroom and a lampshade in the living room was ripped. They also noticed small smears of a dark substance in the hallway, which they thought could be dried blood. They could not contact their suitemate, so the officer left and instructed the residents to call UPD if they saw their suitemate. The residents called the officer a short time later, saying they spotted a male leaving their suitemate’s room. They gave the officer a description of the male, but officers couldn’t locate him. Because officers were concerned the suitemate could be injured, an officer entered the suitemate’s room, but she wasn’t present. The next day, the residents contacted UPD and told officers that their suitemate had returned to the apartment without her keys. Officers have had difficulty contacting the suitemate, and the case is still under investigation.