Members of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity have been rolling a giant ball around campus this week to raise money for charity.

The “Get on the Ball” charity event started on Monday and concluded on Saturday. While bouncing the 6-foot ball around campus, ZBT collected signatures for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Sponsors will donate money for every signature collected.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a non-profit organization that raises money to benefit children’s medical issues. The organization donates to more than 170 children’s hospitals around the country, and covers a variety of issues.

According to Adam Cohen, treasurer of ZBT and a sophomore majoring in accounting, this charity event is specific to the fraternity.

“This is the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity’s signature philanthropy event,” Cohen said. “Chapters nationwide use Children’s Miracle Network as their receiving charity.”

Sponsors including Mario’s Pizzeria, Monroe Muffler, Binghamton Hots, Sugar Mountain, Sall-Stearns and Cyber Café West, among other local businesses, pledged money for the charity. Alumni from ZBT also donated.

Dominick Matarrese, president of ZBT and a senior majoring in finance, detailed how local businesses sponsored the charity event.

“We gave businesses a few options to maximize potential donations,” Matarrese said. “Businesses could either donate any amount directly to the Children’s Miracle Network or donate 10 or 25 cents per signature based on how many signatures we obtained by the end of the week.”

ZBT has wanted to hold this charity event for a few years. Planning began halfway through this semester, and they decided it would be best to schedule it alongside Spring Fling.

Prior to the event, Matarrese told Pipe Dream that ZBT expects to hit its goal for this year.

They received 650 signatures and $700 so far in general donations, but this number does not include business sponsorship.

Cohen said the event was a good way to show the positive side of Greek Life.

“Especially within the past few weeks, the reputation of Greek Life has been tarnished and its credibility put into question,” Cohen said. “We are trying to remind Binghamton University of why we, as well as other fraternities and sororities, deserve to remain as a prominent institution in the college atmosphere.”

Anthony Foiles, vice president of ZBT and a junior majoring in integrative neuroscience, said ZBT plans to get the ball rolling again next year.

“This event is something that, as a chapter, we will continue to do annually, and wish to increase donations each year,” Foiles said.

Matarrese commented on the benefits of seeing the charity through.

“It’s just a good feeling when you put so much work into something and then finally see it come to fruition,” Matarrese said.