Welcome to Pipe Dream’s 2018 Sex Issue. In previous sex issues, we have tried to make sex fun and funny, and in many cases, that’s still the attitude we hope you’ll take — that sex can be a wonderful thing.

This year, however, we seek to change the conversation about sex on campus. Yes, sex can be fun, but it is not always something to be taken lightly. In this issue, you’ll find articles in which our writers and editors explore how sex is an individual experience, even (and especially) when there are two of you.

Sexual violence has been in the news a lot recently, but it has always been occurring. This year, we look into just how prevalent sexual violence is at Binghamton University. The statistics about unreported sexual assault and rape, in particular, point to a glaring issue on our campus: Students do not know how to report sexual violence, and even if they do, the process is daunting. We also hope to provide a helpful resource for navigating that.

Nine-hundred and ninety-five students responded to our sex survey and those who did were candid and compassionate. If you participated in the survey, thank you.

And to you: Thank you for reading our annual Sex Issue. We hope you enjoy it.


  • Why do we shame sex workers?
  • Considering male birth control
  • Orgasm tips from someone who might have had one