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Fostering a comfortable setting in academia

It should go without saying that the point of a university — or more broadly, education as a whole — is the expansion of one’s worldview via exposure to new perspectives. So,...


The Drug Enforcement Agency should take responsibility for the opioid epidemic

Sixty-four thousand people died of opioid overdoses last year. Tens of thousands of them could have been spared if not for decisions deliberately made by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The opioid...


Limiting loneliness

Suppose there was a condition that was linked to a 26 percent increase in your chance of an early death, that the prevalence of this condition was increasing and that nearly nothing...


Changing the dialogue around gun violence

Discussion regarding the issue of gun violence in the United States follows a life cycle that generally resembles this: the issue is widely ignored, a mass shooting happens and it becomes the...