Miranda Jackson-Nudelman


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The anti-vaxxer movement perpetuates a phobia of autism

The recent resurgence of preventable disease outbreaks has been influenced by the growing anti-vaccination movement. One of the most popular reasons behind anti-vaccination, its relationship to autism, is influenced by a societal...


Marijuana legalization must benefit those disproportionately hurt by past drug laws

As the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York state is starting to seem less like a liberal’s far-reaching wet dream and more imminent as the year progresses, it’s become necessary to...


Regulations on electronic tobacco products do little to deter usage

The tobacco industry has always had a polarizing effect on society. It’s criticized not only for the risks associated with tobacco usage, but also for the power of the companies within the...


All sex workers deserve legal protection

As a new generation of autonomous individuals seeks sex work as a legitimate means of employment, they face overwhelming backlash and a pitiful lack of protection. In a society obsessed with the...