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SOM to host health care summit

The Binghamton University School of Management will host the 11th annual Binghamton Symposium on Health Care Management and Policy from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow in Old University Union room 120. ...


Good Samaritan Law' to make calls for overdose emergencies easier

New York's "911 Good Samaritan Law," which allows anyone making a 911 call about a drug or alcohol-related overdose in progress to avoid facing criminal penalties, took effect Sunday. ...


DEC releases report on impacts of fracking

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) released a report Wednesday, Sept. 7 on its findings about hydraulic fracturing or ...


Friendly Lunch Club pairs students over meals

The Friendly Lunch Club is a new way to meet students on campus by simply sharing conversation over a meal. ...


Lecture Hall, fountain area undergo further renovation

Construction that began at Binghamton University this summer continues as classes have resumed and students attempt to navigate detours and blockages around campus. ...


First Friday to host concerts on River

Downtown Binghamton's First Friday is welcoming a new addition to its regular festivities: a concert series featuring performances from two of Binghamton University's a cappella groups. ...


BU, citing budget woes, closes 27 bathrooms

The latest manifestation of Binghamton University’s cost-cutting efforts may, oddly enough, affect your campus bathroom routine. As part of an effort to cut costs in a climate of dwindling state support for...


Psychology professor to deliver her 'Last Lecture'

BU professor Ann Merriwether is set to deliver the inaugural "Last Lecture" at the Anderson Center this Thursday. ...


Scientist lectures on negative impacts of local fracking

Brady Porter, an associate professor from Duquesne University, concluded NYPIRG's lecture series on hydraulic fracturing Thursday. ...


Code of Student conduct to undergo changes in authority, accountability

Binghamton University's Code of Student Conduct for 2011-12 will include a handful of significant changes that make explicit the disciplinary authority University officials and former officials have in a number of contexts. ...