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BookTok has changed book industries for the better

TikTok as a social media platform has gained attention from people of all ages. Popular videos on TikTok typically include dances, recipes, storytimes or humorous situations. However, another popular section to emerge...


Religion should not be forced onto children

Growing up Catholic, my parents made me and my three other siblings attend church every Sunday, just as their parents did with them. While my older sisters went to a Catholic elementary...


The new Emmett Till Antilynching Act can improve racial justice in criminal cases

On March 29, President Joe Biden signed the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, which declares lynching a federal hate crime. Beyond the typical definition of lynching as hanging someone, the law also considers...


The tampon tax must be repealed

Tampons are still taxed in 30 states, putting people who menstruate at a financial disadvantage. However, this financial burden does not impact all menstruating people equally, as lower-income households face greater issues....


Relationships don't have to be picture perfect

Every year on Valentine’s Day, it seems like everyone I know posts the gifts they received from their loved ones all over their social media platforms. There are those in relationships posting...