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TEDxBU 2015: 'Fast Food Revolution'

Technology has advanced sufficiently for restaurants to provide those healthy and wholesome meals with near the speed, convenience and price of fast food places ...


The Binghamton Mural Review: Part 1

In what looks like the ’90s vomited every watercolor palette it shouldn’t have swallowed, a mishmash of silhouettes are worshipping a cup of coffee at a rock concert. ...


Reach out when you can, because some day you won't be able to

I remember the night she died. I was awake at a late hour — one of those hours where it’s just you and a couple of other people on the East Coast ...


Be an informed Oscars watcher with our handy predictions

Will Michael Keaton win for best actor? His character in “Birdman” is about acting, and AMPAS enjoys giving its vanity mirror awards. ...


Spike Lee talks college, race and filmmaking

“And that’s when it hit me, that I’m going to tell hopefully truthful stories about African American existence in this country,” Lee said. ...


All of Pipe Dream's articles about 'The Rewrite' in one place

“The Rewrite” comes out in theaters this weekend, and Pipe Dream’s been covering it since the beginning ...


The Making of 'The Rewrite'

“The Rewrite” couldn’t have been set anywhere else besides Binghamton. The town’s character is essential to the movie. ...


Photographer to expose students' insecurities

Next month, Binghamton University students will be able to show their insecurities to the world, as part of a photography series. For the past five years, photographer Steve Rosenfield has been taking...


Hugh Grant and Marc Lawrence attend campus premiere of 'The Rewrite'

After the movie was screened — to applause at every one of the numerous Binghamton references — Lawrence and Grant took the stage to answer questions from the audience ...


Black Student Union to do the right thing and bring Spike Lee, Nikki Giovanni to campus

Giovanni is known as one of the leaders of the Black Arts Movement, founded in the 1960s and infused with the themes of the Civil Rights Movement. ...