Jess Coleman

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Freshman Human Development

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Drinking age causes danger

Laws compel students to disobey and overindulge. ...


Pro-lifers need a reality check: abortion is here to stay

Conservatives continue to push anti-abortion legislation, but to what end? ...


Hiding behind the Second Amendment

Here are the top three misconceptions regarding guns. ...


Don't let one group pretend to speak for us all

The accusatory, confining debate over Israel services few ...


Conversation shouldn't have caveats

Hillel did a disservice to open dialogue --- and itself --- by forcing out a board member who brought a controversial figure to speak about Israel to campus. ...


Enough guilt to go around

Beyond the claims hurled from both sides, some basic facts about the Israel-Hamas conflict that ebbed late last week. ...


What the President Won't Talk About

The issues that past presidents have ignored, and that Obama shouldn't (but will) ignore. ...


Diversity is still a state interest

We are unquestionably shaped, in a very significant way, by the color of our skin. ...


Know your rights: Room searches

Face to face with cops, it's difficult to know what to do. But you may be surprised by the rights you have. ...


For the "47 percent," Mitt Romney's platform is one of exclusion

Romney's recent comments about "the 47 percent" made headlines. But they were only illustrative of Romney's general mindset --- one which disregards those not born with a silver spoon in their mouths. ...