Gunnar Jurgensen

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Bridging the gap between on and off campus

Binghamton University is a school where students complain about a lack of spirit and engagement. It is as if a common bond forms between students over complaining about BU, rather than sharing...


New York state needs tax reform

“Taxation without representation” was a rallying cry during the American Revolution, but it seems that in 2018 seemingly unpatriotic taxation is still the norm — at least in New York state. Although...


Recognizing the downsides of the JUUL craze

“Is that a USB? A flash drive?” “Nah bro, it’s just a JUUL.” The JUUL by PAX Labs has taken college campuses by storm. I’m sure we have all seen people walking...


Illiberal liberalism

Liberalism today has morphed into a constraining — yet ironically out-of-control — illiberal monster. It is no longer an open-minded or well-rounded political philosophy, but instead it has evolved into an ideology...