Cristina Zirilli

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Senior Column: Your experience is what makes BU so special

When I was thinking of what to write my senior column about, I decided to talk about what made my time at Binghamton University so special, which were the events I went...


How to imitate the college experience at home

A couple of weeks ago, students at Binghamton University had no way of predicting that they would spend the rest of the semester working remotely. Online classes pose new challenges, including the...

On-Campus Events

Postmodern Jukebox gives Binghamton a taste of Christmas

Binghamton University got a taste of Christmas early as one of Postmodern Jukebox’s first holiday shows of the year echoed through the Osterhout Concert Theater on Tuesday. Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) is a...


Alternative tattoo options that won't break the bank

As a college student, it’s common to look for new ways to express yourself, and tattoos are a great option to show off your creative side. However, tattoos can be expensive to...