Thanks to one ambitious Binghamton University student, many others will have the chance to appear in a music video this weekend.

Harrison Zafrin of the electro-pop band Bombs and Bottles has scheduled a video shoot at the Rathskeller Pub ‘ also known as ‘The Rat’ to students who frequent it ‘ tonight from 9 p.m. to midnight, although there is no guarantee that the shoot will end on time.

When Release caught up with Zafrin last April, many things were underway to make Bombs and Bottles’ debut album, ‘Pop and Roll,’ a reality. One goal was to sign a production deal with Allure Sound Studios which have produced for Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston. But sometimes there are roadblocks in the way of your ambitions.

‘I am no longer working with Allure Sound Studios,’ Zafrin said. ‘It was great to get a taste of the dream for a while, and also a big reality check on what you can be getting yourself into. The deal was called off for a number of reasons, but without getting into specifics, there were huge creative differences and a lot of shady ambiguous proceedings that I just couldn’t get a handle on.’

Although things tend to fall apart in one aspect, they mend themselves together in another.

When Zafrin was having trouble getting the female vocalist on most recorded tracks to sign a contract for the band’s music to be available on iTunes, there was a breakthrough and the album’s wheels were set back in motion.

‘The original female vocalist that contributed to the GammaMax EP did in fact sign a release to use her vocals,’ Zafrin said. ‘However, all of the songs off the original EP have been reworked for the album and a lot of her parts have been changed or replaced. We did some work with a new female vocalist but unfortunately only the song ‘Venom On Your Lips’ that we made with her made it onto the album.’

The music video shoot to take place is for the band’s lead single ‘Playing Hard,’ a song about going to the club, locking eyes across the dance floor and heading home for one of the best one-night stands of your life.

Hayden 5 Media, which has worked with Benny Benassi, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Trapt, is producing the video.

According to Zafrin, the premise of the video has two parts: The first will be shot at The Rat where students are encouraged to come dressed for Downtown and ready to have a good time.

‘The video will follow a story that personifies Bombs and Bottles and the song,’ Zafrin said.

The second part of the shoot will take place on Saturday night at 150 Chapin St. at roughly the same time, and students are advised to be ready to party.

‘We are shooting the video up at Binghamton because we want to give our friends and fans a chance to get involved and be in a music video,’ Zafrin said. ‘We want to put Binghamton on the map and make other colleges and college artists look like amateurs. There will be a crew, there will be lights and the video will be on mtvU.’

Bombs and Bottles’ debut album drops on iTunes on Oct. 18. For more information, visit its website at and get a free download of GammaMax EP, or follow them on Facebook. Also, check out Bombs and Bottles’ performance at 10:30 p.m. Oct. 28 at Scoreboard in celebration of its album release.