You might want to start enjoying porn, but don’t want to support companies that mistreat their workers. Or you might want to switch from a major tube site out of boredom and need for more expansive, realistic content. Nevertheless, you might want to start watching more ethical porn.

A Google search for “ethical porn sites” garners dozens upon dozens of listicles much like this one compiling porn sites that are women-focused, provide fair wages to workers, are LGBTQ-owned and more. In short, it’s any porn site that aims (or claims) to treat its employees and users with respect.

The problem for most consumers is that ethical porn costs money. Big “tube” sites, such as Pornhub or xHamster, contain mostly pirated content, re-uploads or partnerships with studios that underpay their performers. Of course, one can only watch content uploaded by performers themselves, but these are usually shorter clips from a paid video. In short, money runs the porn world, so giving it directly to performers/transparent studios is still the best option.

1. Bellesa

Perhaps the most well-known ethical porn site, Bellesa is run by women and makes films that cater to women. Apart from this mission, the site also hosts most of porn star Owen Gray’s (who has been sensational among female consumers) new works, which drew new users to the site. It offers free videos, cams and written erotica stories as well as premium subscriptions. Currently, Bellesa’s Valentine’s Day sale starts at $3 a month for a premium subscription.

2. PinkLabel.TV

PinkLabel.TV offers great cinematography, where there’s no painful, stiff acting rushed through to get to the good parts. The website is beautifully designed, without losing a typical porn site’s “quantity” effect. Filmmaker Shine Louise Houston created this platform to explore the fluidity of sexuality with performers who are queer, trans, people of color, people with disabilities and older folks.


If you want the hardcore stuff — and I mean truly hardcore, not just violence masquerading as porn — go to Highlighting BDSM and hard fetishes, it’s a tube-like site that compiles videos from partner studios across the board, with many already well known on Pornhub. This platform works to destigmatize the shame that surrounds kinks and represent various members of society.

4. Make Love Not Porn

Cindy Gallop created Make Love Not Porn in order to showcase what real sex looks like, in every flavor. Real couples and individuals send in their erotic videos and get paid for them. People can remain anonymous if they choose, and they can also remove their videos from the platform at any time.

5. Dipsea

Tired of visual stimulus or craving a fresher, more imaginative form of porn? Dipsea, an audio-based platform, might be what you’re looking for. It is both a website and app, which means enjoying NSFW content on the go is way safer and more convenient now.

Of course, this list is just a beginner’s guide to the much bigger and more complicated world of ethical porn. The debate of what’s considered ethical, and whether porn could be ethical at all, is at an all-time high. You’re encouraged to look at other lists and decide for yourself which direction to steer your porn consumption to.