Shutterstock Start spooky season right with classics like “The Shining,” coming to Netflix this October.

As the weather gets chillier and midterms approach, watching Netflix becomes a popular go-to for relaxing at the end of the day. Luckily, many fan-favorite shows will continue this month, including “Daredevil” (Season 3) and the highly-anticipated “Making a Murderer Part 2”; both shows will be released on Oct. 19. In addition, Netflix has announced release dates for a slew of over 70 new movies and shows, several of which are perfect for those looking for a good scare before Halloween. Here are some titles to check out next time you log in:

“The Shining” (available Oct. 1)

Adapted from Stephen King’s eponymous novel, “The Shining” is a classic horror movie from 1980. It follows the story of Jack Torrance and his family after they move into a hotel, where Jack has taken on the position of winter caretaker in an attempt to cure himself of his writer’s block. His son Danny, troubled with premonitions about the hotel, confides in the hotel’s chef, who warns him to stay away from Room 237. However, as the snow piles up outside the hotel, Jack becomes increasingly frustrated with his writing and the door to Room 237 opens. Danny’s delusions worsen after a violent encounter with a ghost and the hotel’s dark secrets begin to spill out, driving Jack into a madness not dissimilar to that of the hotel’s previous caretaker. This is a must-watch for any horror fan, but make sure not to spill your apple cider.

“Malevolent” (available Oct. 5)

“Supernatural” meets “The Conjuring” in a new Netflix film following Jackson and Angela, a brother-sister “ghostbusting” team that makes a profit off of the bereaved with false visions and fake ghost-detection equipment. The duo is hired to investigate an old foster home and is caught off-guard by the ghosts of girls who were tortured by a sadistic killer. As their investigation progresses, Angela loses sleep and becomes plagued with hallucinations of the girls. However, there’s a malicious presence hiding in the shadows of the foster home. There is no better way to kick off October than by watching a paranormal thriller.

“The Haunting of Hill House” (available Oct. 12)

“The Haunting of Hill House” is directed by Mike Flanagan, who is known for his work on horror films such as “Hush,” “Ouija: Origin of Evil” and “Gerald’s Game.” The series is a contemporary take on Shirley Jackson’s gothic horror novel of the same title. It follows a family of five siblings who grew up in America’s most famous haunted house, alternating between the past and the present. As adults, the family no longer lives together in Hill House, but is brought back together years later when their youngest sister commits suicide. They are ultimately forced to confront the ghosts that haunt their pasts, trouble their minds and continue to reside in Hill House. Already dubbed “the first great horror TV show” by critic Tom Philip of GQ magazine, this show is definitely one to binge-watch during fall break.

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” (available Oct. 26)

Starring “Mad Men” actress Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is a dark reimagining of the classic “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” which was based off the Archie Comics series of the same name. The short series was originally written to be a complement to the hit show “Riverdale,” which is also set in the Archie Comics universe, but was later picked up by Netflix with a straight-to-series order. The storyline follows the origins of Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch, half-human teenager. Around the time of her 16th birthday, an evil force threatening humankind appears, and as Sabrina battles it, she also finds that she will have to choose between the witch world, where her family is from, and the human world, where she grew up with all her friends. This spooky coming-of-age story is sure to get you in the spirit for HalloWeekend.