Cyber MeltDown will take place on Saturday, Sept. 1 from 9 p.m. to midnight at CyberCafe West on 176 Main St. in Downtown Binghamton.

Three diverse performances, varying from electro to pop to alternative, will make for a well-meshed night of entertainment this Saturday.

CyberCafe West, located in Downtown Binghamton, will be hosting its event, Cyber MeltDown, where three different artists and bands will come together to perform for one night.

The performers at the Cyber MeltDown event will consist of Binghamton-based alternative rock band Molina, Buffalo native pop artist Ashley Lux and self-described “artist/producer/alien” RY.

Molina, the band that organized the night’s performers, describes its style of music as inspired by the bands The National and Interpol, which are known for their gripping guitar riffs and wide-ranging vocals. Although the band is approaching its 50th show, Nick Politi, drummer and percussionist of Molina, identifies CyberCafe West as a particularly special venue.

“We enjoy engaging with fans and the CyberCafe is the place to do it,” Politi said. “The cafe is a safe haven for musicians to be able to showcase their craft and let their fans gain a great experience all at once.”

Alongside Molina’s dynamic rock music will be Lux’s electronic pop style. Lux has previously worked with Earl Cohen of Earl Cohen Productions and has spent the past year working with producer Jeff DaBella of Mansion Audio in preparation for her spring 2018 album “Stay.”

Lux has never performed at CyberCafe West but understands the relaxing vibe of the venue and simply hopes attendees enjoy.

“It’s a very chill, artsy spot,” Lux said. “I just hope people gain some new music for their library from this.”

Providing another electronic-based sound will be RY., an artist and producer whose music spawns from a diverse range of sounds and genres including electronic, rock, jazz, EDM, dubstep and more.

“My sound has something for everyone and I am truly trying to reinvent the way the world sees music and everything as a whole,” RY. said.

Glad to share the stage with these other artists, RY. hopes for some exposure from this event and also appreciates the venue itself.

“The Cyber is one of the best venues locally,” RY. said. “It has great lighting and sound so bands shine on stage, as well as having a cool crowd and eclectic art all over from local artists.”

According to the performers, CyberCafe West creates an environment where both the artists and audience can feel relaxed and connected.

“There is nothing better than being able to sit just a few feet away from the stage, enjoying a cold drink and some excellent food and live music,” Politi said.

Politi suggests that this event will be a great way to achieve the goal of exposing new music to a larger audience.

“We thought this mix of genres would be a great chance for fans to branch out and listen to a few different styles of music while never having to leave their seats,” Politi said.

While listening to the performances, audience members can sip on a variety of drinks including beer, coffee, tea and wine and snack on food such as salads, wraps and burgers.

Cyber MeltDown will take place on Saturday, Sept. 1 from 9 p.m. to midnight at CyberCafe West on Main Street in Downtown Binghamton. There is a $5 cover fee to attend.