Welcome to college, where you no longer have your parents’ grocery shopping and home-cooked meals to sustain you.

At Binghamton University, the places where you are most likely to eat are the dining halls, since they are subsidized by the University and therefore contain the cheapest options for purchasing large-portion meals.

BU has four dining halls: The Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4), College-in-the-Woods Dining Hall, Appalachian Collegiate Center and Hinman College Dining Hall. To help you decide which dining hall should supply your next meal, here is Pipe Dream’s definitive ranking of Binghamton University Dining Halls, graded out of 10 based on overall experience from worst to best.

4. Appalachian Collegiate Center

Appalachian Collegiate Center, commonly nicknamed “App,” is labeled by some as the best dining hall at BU. It’s a popular destination to enjoy a meal, simply because of the panoramic views of campus and nearby greenery that the dining hall has. The other selling feature is its pasta station. App is the only dining hall that has a custom pasta station with a variety of choices for sauce and toppings. With a base of penne pasta, students can choose to have marinara, vodka or alfredo sauce and toppings that range from meatballs to broccoli. Another favorite of the dining hall is La Montana. Although it’s not equivalent to Chipotle or Moe’s, La Montana can be viewed as the favored dining hall option for burritos and tacos. App also offers Nite Owl, a late-night snack venue that serves traditionally unhealthy food like chicken tenders and milkshakes. Despite all the great things that App offers, it is ranked last because of how difficult it can be to eat there. Compared to the rest of the dining halls, App is the one that is most frequently closed due to the many organizations that reserve the space for events. It is also the furthest dining hall from the rest of campus, built at the top of a steep hill, whereas all other dining halls are closer to more living communities, classes and the University Union. Finally, when visiting between meals, this dining hall has the most limited options, with the Boar’s Head deli station and The Grill as the only stations that are consistently open throughout the day. 6.5/10

3. Hinman College Dining Hall

The Hinman College Dining Hall is the only dining hall that has both residential and retail dining. However, judging exclusively on its residential dining selections, Hinman is placed as the third-best dining hall. The location of Hinman is the most convenient for students coming from or going to classes in the Lecture Hall area. It is also known by some students as the dining hall that serves the best pizza, though the competition doesn’t exactly make it a great feat. Another Hinman speciality is Pacific Rim, which offers a variety of Asian-inspired food like stir-fry and dumplings. The dumplings are fairly tasty and are often a hot commodity at the station, but the stir-fry is subpar at best. Despite this fault, Hinman’s Pacific Rim is the only residential dining option where the white rice is palatable. When visiting between meals, Hinman has limited options like Appalachian, but because of the rice, pizza and easy accessibility, Hinman is ranked higher. 7/10

2. Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4)

Some people might be surprised by this dining hall’s high ranking, but it rightfully holds this spot because it is the most accommodating dining hall. C4 has meal options for students who keep Kosher, Halal or have allergies. It also serves both Newing College and Dickinson Community, and is open all year round. C4 also offers Nite Owl and serves it for longer hours on the weekends than Appalachian, and it is said that C4 has the best Boar’s Head Deli station out of all the dining halls. C4 does have its faults, with the food often being deemed the worst at times. However, it is the only dining hall that can serve all of its students with something that everyone can eat. 7.5/10

1. College-in-the-Woods Dining Hall

Although people may not find its dorms to be the best, the College-in-the-Woods Dining Hall is superior to the other dining halls at BU. College-in-the-Woods is the most central location, making it the closest to the Union and the closest dining hall for the majority of the living communities, excluding their designated one. College-in-the-Woods offers the only vegan station in residential dining, has the largest fresh fruit selection on campus, the only all-day barbecue station and the only bubble tea station. College-in-the-Woods also has the longest hours, opening the earliest and closing the latest for regular meals. With all the factors combined, when compared to all the other dining halls, College-in-the-Woods is probably the best choice. 8/10