It’s a Friday night and you’re headed back to your dorm. You fumble around in your bag to pull out your Binghamton University ID, but to your surprise, nothing is there. A mini heart attack sets in as you realize you’ve lost your ID and are locked out of your building with no one around to let you in. These cards are the gateway to your dorm, the key to buying meals and contain other personal data. While this situation is common, we’ve crafted some tips to help you avoid losing this essential piece of plastic and save you from the $20 replacement fee.

1. Silicone Cellphone Card Holders

These adhesive pockets are probably the most convenient and popular way to keep track of your BU ID. They stick on the back of your phone and can hold your ID, a credit card and some cash securely. They are perfect for walking around campus and keeping you from the hassle of dealing with a bulky purse on a night out in Downtown Binghamton. These stick-on card holders come in a variety of colors and are even customizable for BU. Be on the lookout for some at University Fest at certain tables like M-Hope, Harpur Edge, the Student Association and others. If you don’t happen to come across one there, you can also purchase them at the University Bookstore, Amazon or Walmart for $3 to $5.

2. Wallet-Style Phone Case

This is a great option if you like to keep your phone, ID, credit cards and cash in one place. While this is comparable to the card holder, this case is more reliable because it prevents anything from falling out of it. Most have a magnetic closure that automatically fastens in your belongings. The cases also have slots for cards and separate pockets for cash. The case will not only store your ID, but also will give your screen some protection with a flip cover to prevent scratches. On the downside, it could make your phone bulky.

3. Clear ID Holder

If you’re not into phone accessories or are more interested in showing off your cute phone case, don’t worry. There are other ways to keep your ID secure. A simple option is to purchase a clear ID holder, which can easily be attached to a lanyard. You can also hook your keys to it, which will keep all your needs in one place. While a lanyard and ID case combo is a good way to keep track of your BU ID, we wouldn’t suggest wearing it around your neck unless you want to be tagged as a freshman. Instead, stick it in your bag to keep track of your belongings.

4. Wallet or Coin Purse

You don’t need to buy anything new to keep track of your BU ID. If you want to keep it simple, you can take advantage of things you already own by putting your ID in a wallet or coin purse. While this may not give you the quickest access to your card, it is an ideal option for some. Just make sure no one snatches your wallet, and don’t leave your bag underneath the bar, especially during the State Street chaos.

5. Outer Pockets of Bags

This is probably the riskiest option, but you can make it work if you’re super organized. You can keep track of your BU ID without any accessories, but I would suggest placing it in an outer pocket of your bag so you can easily reach it when it’s time to eat or go to your dorm. Designate a certain pocket for it so you’re more likely to remember where it is. You can put it in the front compartment of your backpack or even in an outer pocket made for your water bottle. A zippered pocket would be best so your ID doesn’t fall out when you lay your bag on the ground or are getting something out of it.