When it comes to back-to-school shopping in college, the first things that probably come to mind are overpriced textbooks and school supplies — not being dressed to the nines in uncomfortable fabrics. The start of college can be stressful and looking your best may not necessarily be your first priority, but your wardrobe does not have to be the one to suffer. Finding a cute outfit while maintaining comfort can be a struggle, but fortunately, there are many clothing options that can withstand sitting for hours while also keeping up with the trends. Try some of these looks that cover a range of styles, from chic to street.

’90s Preppy

In recent years, an abundance of ’90s styles, like plaid and denim prints, have been revived and increased in popularity during the start of the school season. For a more modern take on the ’90s plaid skirt, opt for an A-line cut and houndstooth print instead. This style of skirt can be bought at any clothing store, including Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. An A-line skirt is a popular trend and features a fitted silhouette at the hips and flares out at the hem, rather than the classic ’90s miniskirt. The black-and-white houndstooth print gives off a more professional and put-together look, rather than the basic plaid pattern. For optimal comfort, pair the skirt with an oversized denim jacket and some Vans so you can walk around campus with ease.

Boho Chic

If you’re a lover of rompers but worry about wearing them in the cooler upcoming season, the jumpsuit may be your perfect option. A jumpsuit will not only keep you warm since it features long pants, but will also make you look well-dressed. It only takes a minute to throw on a jumpsuit and head out the door, especially since you don’t have to think about pairing a top with bottoms. It’s perfect for a street-to-chic look for a night out as well. For a boho look, buy a jumpsuit that has a floral print and flared pants at the bottom. The only downside to a jumpsuit is that it can be annoying to take on and off, though most jumpsuits are often made with soft and breathable fabric.

Street Style

For an outfit that balances comfort with style, try a street-inspired look. A popular choice of pants for this style is sweatpants, but avoid the overly baggy and plain kinds if you want to appear more put-together. Instead, go for a pair of joggers, which are more form-fitting and come in a variety of styles. One style that is trendy now are side-stripe joggers or sweatpants, which add a pop of color to usually solid-colored pants. For the top, try a crop top, which can be bought at practically any store nowadays. Finish the look off with your favorite sneakers, like Adidas, and you’re good to go to class. If you’re into accessories, throw on a cute baseball hat and some comfortable hoop earrings.

Oversized Vintage

To start off this look, find an old, oversized graphic T-shirt, preferably one that is slightly worn out and faded for the vintage style. If you don’t have one, you can easily find one at your local thrift store for an affordable price. Just pair the T-shirt with a pair of comfortable skinny jeans or black leggings and throw on some chunky black Chelsea boots. If the T-shirt is a little too big, you can tie the front of the shirt into a knot or tuck the extra fabric into your pants to give the outfit more shape. For accessories, choose a pair of statement earrings and a big belt.