With the hustle and bustle of both move-in weekend and syllabus week, it’s only common to push aside room decorating until later in the semester. Decorating a living space can take hours and lots of money, though with do-it-yourself decor, you can easily add your own unique style to your room without spending loads of cash. Check out these simple DIYs that will spice up plain white walls and empty desks.

Hanging Wall Grid

If you own a polaroid camera, you probably understand the struggle of losing polaroid pictures left and right. With a simple hanging wall grid, you’ll have plenty of space to show off your polaroids while also adding a clean look to a boring wall. All you have to do is buy a white mini grid panel, which can be found on Amazon for as little as $7. To hang the polaroids, buy small clothespins that can be found at any craft store. Aside from photos, you can also hang other items from the grid, like a pair of sunglasses or postcards. The geometric look of the grid adds a clean and modern effect to any white wall. If you want to add a splash of color to your room, you can also spray paint the grid the color of your choice.

Flower String Lights

Fairy lights are always nice to add a whimsical feel to your room, but adding flowers can add a pop of color to plain string lights. The artificial flower section at craft stores have an array of different flower types and sizes, and they will never wilt and die. Just cut the plastic stems off the flowers and arrange where you want the flowers to be placed on the string lights. Make sure to use a hot glue gun to ensure that the flowers won’t fall off.

Mason Jar Pencil Holder


Traditional pencil holders can make a workspace look plain and boring. Organize your school supplies with style by creating mason jar pencil holders. The only items you need for this DIY are mason jars and acrylic paint in any color you like. Paint the jar however you choose, whether it be a simple solid color or an intricate design. For a more matte look, apply two coats of the paint and leave the jar overnight to dry.

Dixie Cup Garlands

Hey Gorgeous

If flowers aren’t your style, try out these DIY dixie cup string light garlands for a more unique look. The supplies you’ll need are scrapbook paper of your choice, dixie cups, string lights and double-sided tape. First, you need to cut apart the dixie cup in half and smooth it out so it’s completely flat. This will serve as a template that is needed for cutting out the scrapbook paper, as you will need to trace the flattened dixie cup on the scrapbook paper. Use the template to make as many cutouts as you need to cover the bulbs of the string light. To secure the scrapbook paper onto the cup, use double-sided tape. Finally, use a sharp object like a pencil to cut an X on the bottom of each dixie cup, which is where the bulbs will pop through.