Provided by Binghamton University An attendee of the 2016 Open Studio Night, hosted by the art and design department.

During its Open Studio Night event, the Binghamton University art and design department displays the work of both BU’s students in the department as well as students who pursue art outside of the classroom. The event presents a chance to appreciate students’ artistic efforts as well as an open opportunity for the public to learn several skills, including painting, sculpting and printmaking.

The event is an opportunity for attendees to get a glimpse of the creative process. A drawing and printmaking demonstration will take place in the studios, while the Visual Media Center on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building will host a large-format laser cutting and large-format inkjet printing.

As attendees learn the ropes of how to produce art in mediums such as drawing, photography and design, the Senior Majors Exhibition will take place in the Elsie B. Rosefsky Memorial Art Gallery in the Fine Arts Building at 6 p.m. — creating a dual purpose of teaching new artists and exposing upcoming artists to the public. The exhibition is dedicated to displaying the works of seniors graduating with a bachelor’s in art or design.

Francis Chang, a lecturer of art and design, says he believes Open Studio Night is a way to connect the community with the art department.

“There’s a lot of great work being made every semester in the department, and it doesn’t always get to be seen by many people outside of the class context it’s created in,” Chang said. “This is the opportunity to showcase the work of our talented students to their peers as well as to the larger BU community.”

Other faculty members, like Hans Gindlesberger, an assistant professor of art and design, reiterated that Open Studio Night joins two communities in one creative event.

“This exhibition is an opportunity for the exhibiting artists to reflect on how their creative vision has developed over the course of their studies and for visitors to observe the ways in which artists engage issues and concepts that are shared with areas of research across the university,” Gindlesberger said.

Events such as these also allow for those who may not be familiar with fine arts to become acquainted with what might be demanded of an artist in the major or in the field. There are six different concentrations that a student can focus on if they are to earn a bachelor of fine arts, and professors of art and design stated they hope Open Studio Night can open people’s eyes to the opportunities presented.

“As faculty in the department, I also hope a lot of those attending will see what we do and will consider majoring or minoring,” Chang said. “I think our program has a lot to offer within Harpur College and I hope to see awareness of our students’ talent and dedication continue to grow.”

Open Studio Night is free to attend and will take place on Tuesday, May 8 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Fine Arts Building. A student awards ceremony will occur at 6 p.m. in the Grand Corridor to honor the work of a selection of artists who have distinguished themselves in categories.