Warm days have finally arrived in Binghamton, which means Spring Fling is just around the corner. Whether you’re an alternative music lover or hip-hop fanatic, this year’s concert will cater to you with opening act, DRAM, and headliner, Foster the People. Prepare for Saturday night’s performances and let loose with Pipe Dream’s official Spring Fling playlist.

“Houdini” — Foster the People

Provided by Jason Persse

With its upbeat rhythm and catchy piano melody, it’s practically impossible to not feel the urge to bob your head or tap your feet to this song, which was released on Foster the People’s first album, “Torches.” The lyrics are both uplifting and simple enough to memorize, so you can sing your heart out at the concert.

“Broccoli” — DRAM feat. Lil Yachty

Provided by Christine Hahn/Milk

If you haven’t heard this song yet, then you probably didn’t go to any fraternity party or bar in Downtown Binghamton during 2016. This song almost never fails to attract a huge crowd of college students singing along. It’s also DRAM’s most popular single and was ranked No. 3 on Billboard’s “100 Best Songs of 2016.”

“Sit Next to Me” — Foster the People

This laid-back song is Foster the People’s most popular track from their newest album, “Sacred Hearts Club,” with over 47 million listens on Spotify. The chill rhythm fits the relaxed atmosphere of Spring Fling, making it the perfect anthem for the evening.

“Cash Machine” — DRAM

The fun, retro background sounds mixed with a hip-hop beat makes this single stand out among other typical hip-hop songs. Listening to this ragtime tune feels like you’re transported to a different era, but then you hear the catchy rap lyrics about being rich.

“Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)” — Foster the People

This song essentially speaks to the post-Spring Fling feeling of not wanting the fun night to end, especially because it means the start of finals week. With its chorus repeating the phrase “Don’t stop” five times, this song is easy to learn and will probably be stuck in your head all day Sunday.

“Cha Cha” — DRAM

The title says it all — this song will make you want to move your hips to its energetic rhythm and dance all night long. If you listen closely enough to the background music, you’ll hear a sampling from the popular video game “Super Mario World.” DRAM’s unique take on hip-hop combines not-so-ordinary elements, and this song exemplifies that approach.