Earth Day is this Sunday, but being green on campus shouldn’t be a one-day affair. Try our tips to help save the environment every day.

Skip the straw

When drinking in the dining halls or Marketplace, opt for a hot cup or cold cup without the straw. Americans use 500 million straws every day, and though they’re small, straws often end up in the ocean or other natural environments where they can harm wildlife, according to the National Park Service. Additionally, straws are made out of a grade of plastic that most often isn’t recyclable. If you’re worried about spilling, try a recyclable lid or invest in a reusable straw.

Use the library

The library has a wealth of resources for students who want to limit their participation in consumer culture. Any time you can buy fewer things, you’ll save money and limit waste output. At the Glenn G. Bartle Library Circulation Desk, you can check out books and some tech accessories like headphones and phone chargers. Instead of printing out pages of readings, scan books or use the PDF software on the PODS computers, which allows you to highlight and annotate readings.

Bring a reusable cup

Whether you’re grabbing a drink on campus or off, many spots offer a discount to customers who bring their own cups — so not only will you be cutting down on waste, you’ll also save some cash. Bringing your own travel mug to Starbucks will save you 10 cents per drink, or you can request your drink in a glass cup or ceramic mug if you’re planning to drink it in store. Students who eat in the dining halls can get a Binghamton University Dining Services sticker to put on a reusable cup and save 10 percent on every drink purchased with that cup.

Take the bus

Instead of driving to campus every day, check out the Off Campus College Transport and Broome County Transit bus schedules. Even taking the bus once a week limits carbon emissions and saves you gas money — plus, the buses drop you off right in front of the University Union, so you won’t have to make the trek from M Lot.