Being fashion-forward in college isn’t easy when you’re rushing to 8 a.m. classes every morning. But it’s easy to be both comfortable and stylish in the daily hustle of being a student.

Athleisure has taken over student wardrobes across the country, and investing in the style would be a worthwhile addition to your closet as you prepare for the warmer weather that accompanies spring. The trend is more adaptable than your winter outfits, so feel free to wear it to the gym, to class or just lounging around on a day inside.

For an early spring day that’s still leaning toward the chillier side, opt for thinly layered outerwear. A pastel-colored windbreaker is similar in function to a light sweater or cardigan, looks just as chic and is appropriate to wear for almost every occasion. A bomber jacket is a heavier variation of the classic windbreaker that you can wear to further insulate your outfit. Other outerwear choices include cute but comfortable hoodies with nylon details, which you can find at pretty much any store, from Forever 21 to Target.

For bottoms, you have a variety of options to choose from. Leggings are a staple of the athleisure trend, and you can find them in virtually any color, pattern and fabric. If you’re seeking out a more adventurous look this spring, seek out bright leggings that stand out in the sea of black yoga pants. Aerie and Lululemon have a wide selection, ranging from tasteful tie-dye to pastel floral patterns. Also consider leggings with mesh panels — they’ve grown to be incredibly popular over the past few fashion seasons and are essential for warmer days. Other pants that should be welcomed into your wardrobe are soft joggers. Joggers tend to be more fashionable than sweatpants, but are just as effortless — ideal for when you wake up just a little too late for that morning class.

Wear a comfortable T-shirt over your leggings or sweatpants, or try a stylish workout shirt. A backless top paired with a strappy, colorful sports bra underneath is a simple way to elevate your outfit to beyond just gym clothes. Similarly, a fun tank top with a unique design can be found at stores like Victoria Secret’s PINK or Athleta and is the perfect addition to a casual pair of pants. If it gets cold, many brands offer tops that are designed to insulate, such as Uniqlo’s techwear and Nike’s hyperwarm compression clothing, which are both thin but effectively protect you from the cold. To enhance your look, opt for a monochromatic look, wearing the same colors both on top and bottom, or look for matching gym sets. This turns comfortable athletic clothing into an outfit that seems carefully crafted.

The perfect outfit requires shoes that complement your clothes. A key addition to your athleisure look is a sleek, colorful pair of sneakers. Nike Roshes are trendy and available in a multitude of different colors. If you’re looking for sneakers that are more suitable for athletic work than leisure, though, the Nike Free RN Flyknit is a better quality shoe for running.

Though one pair of iconic Lululemon leggings can come with a steep price tag, quality athleisure doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of solid options in stores like Target and Walmart, among others. For a fraction of the price, you can purchase an effortlessly cool and comfortable outfit that will make your spring wardrobe fit for anything.