Starting Tuesday, April 3, Binghamton University students may no longer need to settle for the Oakdale Mall to satisfy their clothing cravings. The launch of a new website,, aims to take college students’ wardrobes by storm with an online shopping experience made exclusively for us.

Adam Gausepohl, an entrepreneurship student at University of Southern California, along with his sister, Sarah, and his roommate, Bryant Laitipaya, founded DormStormer in July 2011. They wanted to create a way for trendsetting college students to shop for their favorite brands without spending a lot of money or traveling too far.

After holding a successful offline sales event at USC, they decided to recruit a team of students from USC, University of California, Los Angeles, and Fashion Institute of Design & Manufacturing to help launch the website and bring the sample sales to students nationwide.

Here’s how it works: DormStormer will host 48-hour online sample sales, with up to 70 percent off retail, exclusively for college students. The sales will feature top brands in apparel, shoes and accessories for both men and women. Students from FIDM hand-pick each item to ensure that members are sold only the best in fashion. Every 48 hours there will be a new sale featuring a new brand and different products to keep students coming back for more.

The first sample sale brand will be American Apparel. Melanie Murray, vice president of public relations at DormStormer, promises it will be a success.

“The prices will be incredible and the buyers have been working hard to find pieces college students will really like,” Murray said.

When students sign up, they must provide either their college email address or their college name to gain access to the student-only prices. When the sales begin, students will be directed to either the men’s or women’s featured brand for that 48-hour period. There will be large pictures to make shopping easier, featuring the ability to see product details, zoom in on different angles and check how products fit.

Under the “Lifestyle and Accessories” section, there will be deals on costumes (available 24/7) for every type of party imaginable, sales on accessories or a college brand of the week (a brand started by a current college student).

DormStormer also aims to eventually become a social shopping site for students. There will be the option to “like” certain items so students can keep track of their friends’ tastes.

Many of us at Binghamton rely on online shopping due to the limited selection of clothing stores around us.

DormStormer invites Pipe Dream readers to receive an exclusive promo code when they sign up. Enter “Pipe5” when you create an account to receive a $5 coupon today.