Green eyeliner is just one of the many ways to put on a festive face for Parade Day.

It’s less than a week away from Parade Day and many people will be flocking to local stores to find green makeup and merchandise. However, with midterms coming up, you may not have time this week to go searching for your green beauty needs. Here is a list of affordable products available on Amazon Prime, so you can avoid searching the shelves or waiting in line.

Green Glitties Cosmetic Glitter — $7.95

Glitter is great for going-out looks because it makes your favorite feature pop. You can use it on your eyes, you can tap a little on your cheekbones for an exaggerated highlight or use it all over. The key is to have a good glitter-glue base, like the one made by e.l.f. But, please be cautious: Only use glitters made for cosmetic use. Craft glitter is typically cut with sharp corners, and those corners can severely injure your eyes.

Green Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow — $3.99

This eyeshadow is a great alternative to wearing glitter all over your face. You can apply this normally, on your eyes or even tap it over your lips on top of a vampy liquid lipstick to add a green sheen.

Green Snazaroo Classic Face Paint — $6.46

Try a more artistic take on St. Patrick’s Day beauty and paint your face or body green. You can paint shamrocks or other Parade Day-themed items, or you can paint half or all of your face with a solid green color to really commit to the Parade Day celebrations.

Green CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Pencil — $6.99

Another traditional makeup product, this eyeliner is a subtle way to incorporate green into a makeup look. You can use this liner to create a bold winged look or just use it in your waterline for a hint of green.

Green Joyous Professional Temporary Hair Mascara Salon DIY Hair Dye — $6.99

Using the mascara wandlike brush, you can use this temporary hair dye to create highlights of green hair. Unlike spraying your whole head with a color and having crunchy hair for the day, this small tool allows you to have control of what parts of your hair or beard you want colored.

Konsait St. Patrick’s Day Temporary Tattoos — $5.99
If you’re not particularly into makeup or beauty products in general, temporary tattoos are an alternate way to be festive. Simply apply one of the many choices that are available in this pack and boom — you’re ready for Parade Day.