Arriving just in time for the premiere of its second season, HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season, hit store shelves last Tuesday on DVD and Blu-ray. Contained within a sleek boxed set, the DVD includes a map, a useful “who’s who” character guide, and all 10 episodes of season one along with several commentaries with actors and writers and several “making of” featurettes.

Set in the fictional medieval-inspired world of Westeros, Game of Thrones tells the tale of the bloody struggle between several families and factions for the iron throne: the seat of complete power. While there are an overwhelming number of characters presented to the viewer, you’ll be hooked on the intense action, sex, and overall presentation of this alternate universe.

There are plenty of twists, and the show is grounded enough in reality that the special features are interesting but nothing earth-shattering. The various short documentaries offer a brief insight into how the show is make, but most features can already be seen online for free. The commentaries range from informative, like the lead writers of the series taking the viewer scene-by-scene through certain episodes, to entertaining, like Lena Headly attempting a world record for the amount of f-bombs in a single commentary.

Those willing to make the jump from DVD to Blu-ray are rewarded with exclusive bonus features like informative histories and backstories of Westeros and the notable characters and families. Auditions for major characters on the show are also hidden in the box set, which offer an amusing but ultimately inconsequential distraction. That being said, the video quality of the DVD itself is absolutely amazing.

With a show as ambitious and entertaining as this, and with a healthy dose of special features, there is no reason to ignore Game of Thrones on DVD/Blu-ray. Catch up in time for the season two premiere and show it to your friends!