KoJo Senoo/Pipe Dream Photographer Alpi Amin, a sophomore majoring in biology, pairs a black turtleneck with a winter jacket. Similar looks can be found at discount stores like T.J. Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory.

A Binghamton winter is nothing to mess with, so protective and warm gear are basic necessities. But you can stay warm without splurging on Canada Goose jackets and Ugg boots with Pipe Dream’s winter styling tips.

With so many different brands and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find a winter coat that’s both fashionable and functional. To maintain some style during the cold months while staying on a budget, check out T.J. Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory, which both offer a wide array of brand-name coats and jackets at discounted prices. Thrift stores are another affordable place to browse for winter jackets, and you’ll easily be able to find outerwear that stands out from the sea of black parkas on campus. No matter where you shop, pick a coat that is waterproof to prevent rain and snow from drenching your clothes. Look for packable coats to easily transition from class to State Street.

On colder days, layer clothes underneath your jacket. Thermal long-sleeved tops are great foundations, because they are specifically designed to keep you warm. You can purchase a thermal shirt for under $18 at Target — they’re often found in the sportswear section — and then layer tops you already own over it for extra warmth. For a more rugged look, stay toasty by layering a flannel under a sweater, or over a long-sleeved top. To keep your legs snug during snowstorms, get a pair of cheap fleece-lined leggings from Walmart. They come in several different colors and prints and you can wear them on their own or layered under jeans.

Quality snow boots are crucial for making it across Binghamton University’s snowy campus, but popular brands like Sorel and North Face sell their boots for almost $200, which doesn’t always make sense on a college budget. To find cheaper alternatives that will still get the job done, check Amazon and DSW, which both offer a wide range of styles at different prices. You can snag Ugg boot look-alikes for $30 at DSW and a pair like L.L. Bean duck boots for $26 on Amazon. Regardless of the brand, make sure your boots are waterproof or at least water-resistant. Boots with rubber soles are usually a safe bet to keep your feet dry, especially when paired with a fur lining or insulated insoles and thick socks.

Wool camp socks are fashionable, but you can achieve the same warmth and style at a cheaper price with knit thermal socks, available in a pack of three for $14 at Walmart. You can also pair thinner socks with leg warmers to take your fall staples through the colder months. A pair of leg warmers can be bought on Amazon for around $7, or you can make your own pair by picking up a knit sweater from a thrift store and cutting the arms off.