As college students, it’s hard to commit to anything, let alone a New Year’s resolution.

According to the current survey on the homepage, 34.2 percent of respondents had chosen “Hit the gym!” as their spring semester resolution at the time of publication. There are a variety of popular ways to get fit on campus, but you might be surprised by what services students frequent most at the East Gym.

Madeline Klemenz, a group fitness instructor and a sophomore double-majoring in integrative neuroscience and Spanish, said taking group fitness classes is a good introduction to getting fit.

“The fitness classes are a great way to get a taste of the countless ways there are to exercise,” Klemenz wrote in an email. “If you like the class, that’s great, and if you hate it, at least you tried it and figured out it isn’t for you. Most of what I incorporate into my own personal workouts are picked up from the classes I take here.”

During the 2016-17 academic year, the beginning of spring semester saw the highest number of group fitness clients with people signing into classes 2,763 times in January and 3,196 times in February.

The offerings include cardio classes like Spin and Cardio Kickboxing and strength-training classes like Booty Bootcamp and Body Pump.

Klemenz, who teaches yoga, said the classes are designed for all fitness levels.

“I can understand feeling tentative to try something new, but even the classes that seem intimidating cater to all levels,” Klemenz wrote in an email. “We are trained to offer modifications in intensity so that attendees don’t feel uncomfortable or discouraged.”

FitSpace is the East Gym’s fitness machine and weight-training area. For the 2016-17 academic year, February had the largest number of check-ins to FitSpace with a total of 37,781 patrons checking in and March had the third-highest number of check-ins with a total of 34,937 patrons checking in.

Robert Meyer, a personal trainer at the East Gym and a senior majoring in business administration, said he recommends using the SYNRGY360 trainer in FitSpace, an apparatus equipped with toys like a heavy bag, TRX Suspension Trainers and battle ropes.

“The SYNRGY functional fitness area in Fitspace has a lot to offer to students looking to lose weight or gain muscle,” Meyer wrote in an email.

Beyond group fitness and FitSpace offerings, the gym also hosts personal training and small-group training. The East Gym sees an average of 721 personal training sessions in any given academic year.

Kim Smith, a personal trainer at the East Gym and a senior majoring in integrative neuroscience, said personal training may help you unlock your full potential.

“You are capable of more than you know, and sometimes all it takes is a little motivation and guidance to see some incredible results,” Smith wrote in an email.

Memberships for group fitness and FitSpace come with a cost, but many open recreational activities are free. Inside the East Gym, the pool is available for both recreational swim and lap swim and there are basketball courts that house different activities such as pickleball and volleyball.

An average of 59,711 members checked in to play basketball during the academic year, 8,002 people checked in for recreational swim and 6,921 attended lap swim.