Rebecca Kiss/Assistant Photo Editor Strange Brew, whose original Washington St. location is pictured here, is expanding to a location on Court Street. The new cafe will focus on quick service with a separate line for beverage-only orders.

Strange Brew opened its doors about a year and a half ago — and it’s ready to expand.

The Downtown Binghamton cafe is located at 137 Washington St. Alexey Bartashoff, founder and co-owner, is opening a new location in the beginning of December at 101 Court St. (formerly Laveggio Roasteria, which has relocated to 178 State St.).

The Court Street location will have bar-style seating, as opposed to the restaurant-style seating Strange Brew currently offers. It won’t have the full menu offered at the original location but will serve quick items like fruit parfaits and bagels.

This spot will also be home to a nitro coffee tap with a wide variety of options, which Bartashoff said is exclusive among Downtown restaurants. Additionally, the bar will offer loose-leaf tea with flavors that can be mixed and matched, plus an extensive list of lattes.

“We will be bringing something new to Downtown, while keeping up with the expectations Strange Brew already has [set],” Bartashoff said.

With this new site, Strange Brew hopes to make itself more accessible to the other side of Downtown, while alleviating some of the issues they experience now, such as heavy foot traffic and long lines.

“Sometimes people are in a rush and see the line is too long, so they pass by instead of waiting,” Bartashoff said. “[They see] customers ordering not just drinks, but pondering what food items they want as well.”

As a grab-and-go spot, the new location will be focused on fast-paced service with separate lines for those just ordering drinks and for those ordering both food and drinks.

Staying in line with Strange Brew’s original goals, this location will also work to move away from the idea that coffee shops are only meant for college students. Strange Brew welcomes everyone from families looking to grab a quick bite to the elderly enjoying their morning cup of coffee.

“Strange Brew is the definition of Downtown, meaning all walks of life and people of every variety are welcomed,” Bartashoff said.

Sarah Maximowicz, a barista at Strange Brew, said that she loves to interact with the locals who come in and to form a bond with them.

“Over time, you begin to be on a first-name basis with them, banter back and forth and learn their favorite orders or introduce them to new things,” she said.

Pipe Dream will update this article as more information about the opening becomes available in the upcoming weeks.