Take costume inspiration from Cher and Dionne, played by Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash, respectively, in 1995’s cult-hit comedy “Clueless.”

Let’s face it: Halloween is right around the corner and you still haven’t picked out an outfit, so you’re reading this article. Instead of stressing out or buying a generic costume, create your own with these simple and fun do-it-yourself tips.

Gumball Machine

This costume is quirky and unique, so the chances of finding a doppelganger on State Street are slim.

What you’ll need:

— Black or white cropped tank top

— Red high-waisted skirt

— An assortment of different sizes and colors of craft pompoms

— Black felt

— White felt

— Hot-glue gun

— Fabric glue

— Safety pins

How to make it:

1. Place a piece of cardboard inside your tank top (so you don’t glue the two sides together) and lay it on a flat surface.

2. Organize the pompoms of your choosing all over the shirt — these are the gumballs in the machine, so arrange them with that idea in mind. Start gluing the pompoms to the front of your tank top with the hot glue. Hold them in place until the glue cools.

3. Next, create the “metal” plate for the front of the machine. Cut the black felt into a rectangle, approximately 5 inches by 7 inches. Cut the white felt into a slightly smaller rectangle.

4. Cut another piece of black felt into “25¢,” small enough to fit in the white rectangle (or use a black marker to write it). Glue this onto the white felt and then onto the larger black felt rectangle using fabric glue. Once dried, fasten it to the center of your skirt with safety pins (or glue it if you don’t mind not being able to reuse the skirt).

5. Finally, put on your tank top and skirt, and complete the outfit with a pair of red heels.

Adapted from Instructables

Cher and Dionne from “Clueless”

This look is perfect to do with your best friend and is super easy — plus you’ll have an excuse to hit up thrift stores in the area.

What you’ll need:

For Cher:

— Yellow-and-black plaid skirt

— White tank top

— Yellow button-up cardigan

— White knee socks

— A cellphone

Tuck your tank top into the skirt and either wear the cardigan normally or tie it around your waist. Pair your outfit with sneakers or heels and keep your cellphone handy since Cher is always talking to someone.

For Dionne:

— Black-and-white plaid skirt

— White tank top

— Red button-up cardigan

— Black knee socks

— Black purse

— Black-and-white hat

Just like the Cher costume, tuck the tank top into your skirt and throw on the cardigan. Dionne always carries a purse on her shoulder, so be sure to pose with yours. She also has a signature hat, but any black-and-white one will do.

Poison Ivy Costume:

If you’re more into the villainous side of Halloween, this disguise is perfect for you.

What you’ll need:

— A large bag of artificial ivy leaves

— Black or green bodysuit or leotard

— Black or green high-waisted, form-fitting skirt

— Sewing needle

— Green thread

— Floral wire

— Floral tape

How to make it:

1. Start off by separating the leaves from each other and laying them out on the bust of your bodysuit. Sew them down, making sure you don’t sew the front of the bodysuit to the back.

2. After the bodysuit is completely decorated with leaves, you can begin to sew the leaves to the skirt in the same fashion.

3. Craft a crown by cutting a piece of floral wire to fit around your head (plus an extra 2 inches). Form it into a circular shape and twist the ends together with the extra wire overlapping. Select your first leaf and attach it to the loop with floral tape. Continue adding leaves until you get your desired look. Pair your outfit and crown with green heels.

Adapted from Instructables