Rebecca Kiss/Assistant Photo Editor Students model two DIY Binghamton University T-shirts. While apparel sold in the bookstore can be expensive, these shirts offer a trendy look for less.

With Homecoming Weekend just around the corner, getting decked out in the school’s official color is essential. Instead of shelling out $15 to $20 at the Binghamton University Bookstore, swing by Walmart, pick up an $8 BU T-shirt and upgrade it with our DIY tailgate clothing guide.

For all of these shirts, you’ll start with the same basic materials:

— BU T-shirt

— Scissors

— Chalk

— Ruler

Choker cutout T-Shirt

Place the T-shirt on a flat surface. Using chalk, outline an upside-down triangle starting from the bottom of the collar of the shirt and making the bottom tip of the triangle match how deep you want the V-neck to go. The chalk makes the process easier since it can easily be removed and can be seen better than pen or pencil. Make sure the outline starts below the neckline or collar, which will be used as the choker part of the shirt. It’s also important to try on the top with the V-neck outline to see how it would look before being cut. The last step is to cut out the chalk outline with a pair of sharp scissors. You can pair this top with almost anything — a pair of skinny jeans, denim shorts or even a miniskirt.

Inspiration from Revenge Bakery

Muscle Tank

Like the previous design, place the T-shirt on a flat surface. Next, make five 1-inch marks with chalk: a mark an inch away from each of the shoulder seams, a mark an inch away from the collar seam and a mark an inch or two below each armpit seam, depending on how low you want the sleeve to go. Using sharp scissors, cut the markings in a line along the original armhole and widen the neck at the mark. Try pairing this tank with a bralette underneath, especially if the arm holes are long.

Inspiration from the Blondielocks

Tie-up Tank

First, follow the same steps of the muscle tank — make your marks where the arm sleeves will be cut off and then use sharp scissors to cut the sleeves. Instead of just leaving the shirt as a muscle tank, cut completely down the armhole in a straight line. This should leave two flaps on each armhole, like two ties to make a ribbon. Use the two flaps on the bottom of the shirt to tie a bow on each side of the shirt. This ensures that the tank top stays in its form and adds a cute addition to the shirt.

Inspiration from the Blondielocks