Sasa Sucic/Staff Photographer

St. Patrick’s Day is the one day when everyone is Irish. What better way to put all cultural differences aside than by drinking a refreshingly cold Irish ale or smooth Irish whiskey cocktail made from the homeland?

Val Anias, a senior majoring in philosophy, politics and law, can’t wait to spend another St. Patrick’s day at Binghamton with her friends.

“I can’t wait to go bar-hopping, do Irish Car Bombs and celebrate the Irish culture with my friends,” Anias said. “It just feels like the right thing to do and I’m not even Irish.”

For college students, St. Patrick’s Day brings two things to mind: Guinness and green beer. It’s the perfect holiday for any beer lover — it was practically made for them. But we mustn’t forget about those who cringe at the thought of downing a pint. So what other options are there for drink connoisseurs on this special day?


1. Emerald Isle

It’s the alternative to the green beer — a minty green cocktail made from gin and green crème de menthe.

2. Gaelic Flip

Think of it as the alternative to Kegs and Eggs. Most of us are bound to throw a party, and if you’re really talented, you’ll figure out how to dye the keg beer green. But if you prefer shots, this drink is for you. In a shaker, mix Bushmills Irish Whiskey, sweet vermouth, Allspice liqueur, a splash of simple syrup and one egg. Once emulsified, shake again with ice.

3. Irish Baileys on the Rocks

It’s a delicious drink that’s high in calories. But honestly, aren’t all drinks high in calories? For the special day, put the calorie-counting aside and indulge in a smooth and creamy glass of Baileys.

4. Pickle Back

Another creative way to incorporate green in your drink is to use pickle juice. (I hope Snooki’s reading this. She did speak on campus, after all.) The drink is simple: a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey followed by a shot of pickle brine. If this doesn’t sound appetizing to you, try to trick one of your drunk friends into taking this shot.

5. Buckmills Irish Buck

Made with Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey, fresh lime juice and ginger ale, it’s a great alternative to an already popular drink — Rum and Ginger. This is a great summery drink, so you may just be fooled into thinking the weather is better than it is — it isn’t.

6. Dublin Handshake

The name itself encourages friendliness, as people forget each other’s differences for the sake of whiskey. Combine Irish whiskey, Sloe Gin and Irish Baileys. By the third drink, you’ll be shaking hands with everyone.

7. Irish Flag

Nothing says “Let’s celebrate the Irish culture” like ordering a drink that looks like the Irish flag. This shot incorporates one-third oz. of each ingredient. First, pour green crème de menthe into the shot glass. Next, slowly pour the Baileys Cream over the back of a spoon so that the cream sits atop the crème de menthe. Do the same with the Grand Marnier orange liqueur (some recipes call for Butterscotch Schnapps instead).

8. Irish Car Bomb

This drink needs no introduction or explanation. Made with the “Meal in a Glass” of beers, Guinness Stout is the foundation of this delicious and fun drink. Drop a shot glass, made with half Irish whiskey, half Baileys Cream, into the pint and chug. It’s the alcoholic milkshake of your dreams.

Kaitlin Lynch, a senior majoring in biology, is proud of being Irish and loves to celebrate her heritage with different types of beverages on St. Patrick’s Day.

“It’s a holiday everyone associates with drinking, so how couldn’t it be the best holiday?” Lynch said. “I’ll definitely be celebrating with an ice-cold Guinness, but also with some Irish whiskey. It’s the best.”

So whether you’re Irish or not, make your way to State Street or throw your own St. Patty’s Day party. There’s an Irish drink just waiting for you. As long as you’re 21, of course.