Urban Dictionary may know most of our Millennial slang, but it doesn’t always have phrases that are most important to Bearcats. From confusing acronyms on campus to nicknames heard in Downtown Binghamton, Pipe Dream’s Binghamton University Dictionary has you covered with all the vocabulary necessary to get through your first semester.

App — Appalachian Collegiate Center. This is the dining hall for Mountainview College, featuring a salad bar and beautiful view of campus that make the long walk up worth the trip.

The Blake — Beach and lake. Otherwise known as Nathaniel Cole Park, this beach in Harpursville is a 25-minute car ride away from campus and is a great place to cherish the warm weather before it’s gone.

The Brain — The inner part of the BU campus where most classes are; seen from above, the campus is in the shape of a brain.

C4 — Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center. This is the dining hall for Dickinson Community and Newing College, but anyone can go there. Here you can also find computer and study lounges for a quiet space to do work or take a nap.

Dage — Day + rage. This is shorthand for day drinking at mixers or open parties at frats when the weather is warm (or, at least warm enough).

Fishbowl Friday — Cheap drinks in large quantities at JT’s Tavern. Every Friday, JT’s on State Street has cheap deals on obscenely large fish bowls filled with red or blue Gatorade and some sort of alcohol. To be honest, we’re not really sure what it is, but we trust it.

Nowl — “Nite Owl,” late-night dining hall hours. Nowl will be the answer to your problems when you’re coming back to campus after a night Downtown or just looking for a late-night snack. Quesadillas, fries, milkshakes and probably a few friends embarrassing themselves. Nowl is open in App and C4.

Parade Day — The city of Binghamton’s St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza. It takes place in March, but you’ll hear upperclassmen talking about it for the whole year. The mimosas, green beers and parties last all day. There are also special mugs and deals at the bars.

Quiet study — Finals week in the library. This means no talking, cell phones or loud sneezes.

The Rat — The Rathskeller on State Street. Visiting this bar is almost a rite of passage at BU, so don’t worry — you’ll make it there sooner or later.

SantaCon — Christmas extravaganza. Usually the first weekend in December, this is a full day of drinking when everyone wears holiday-themed attire. Grab your Santa Claus hat and get your drink on.

The Spine — The walkway that stretches alongside the Fine Arts Building. This goes from Einstein Bros. Bagels to the second-floor entrance of New University Union. Before chilly weather sets in (and then again when it finally warms up), this is the most populated spot on campus. Picture students with guitars, hammocks, hula hoops, sunbathers and the occasional dog.

UDC — University Downtown Center. The UDC is mostly for graduate classes and the College of Community and Public Affairs, but it is also a great place to study. The Off Campus College Transport buses also stop in front of the UDC.

The Undergrounds — Cafe in the basement of the Old University Union. Here you can find billiards, video games, bowling and more. Binghamton Underground Music Presents (BUMP) hosts intimate concerts in the event space here as well.

Trivia — Trivia night every Wednesday at Tom and Marty’s on State Street. Teams play against one another in this Family Feud-style game to win food, drink towers and other surprises.

Good luck with your first few weeks here at BU. If you learn new slang that we didn’t include in our dictionary, email us at arts@bupipedream.com. This article will be edited online as new suggestions are emailed.