By now, you probably have learned a lot about Binghamton University, including what campus is like, which classes to take and all about the numerous events that will come in the next semester. But when you think “Binghamton,” you should look beyond the University, and instead look to the city that gives the school its name, too. The city of Binghamton, and its neighboring towns in Broome County, can offer exciting experiences if you know when and where to look. From playing with magic to watching local sports, Pipe Dream has you covered with our guide to the best events to check out this summer.

Broome County Regional Farmers Market: Summer Market

840 Upper Front St., Binghamton

Dates: Every Tuesday and Saturday

Since the Binghamton area will soon become your new home, it’s worthwhile to find ways to support the area. A great way to do this is by attending the Broome County Regional Farmers Market, a twice-weekly event with dozens of vendors selling locally grown products. The market runs all year thanks to an indoor location, but the best time to visit is in the summer, when the market runs outdoors and later into the night. Be sure to visit and buy fresh products straight from the farmers that grew them — and get tasty snacks for the ride home from orientation.

The New York Faerie Festival

Route 79, Harpursville

Dates: June 23 to 25, June 30 to July 2

A Renaissance fair with a fantasy twist, the New York Faerie Festival is a yearly tradition which takes place in the small hamlet of Ouaquaga, in Harpursville, just east of the city of Binghamton. It is held in a huge park and offers a large collection of entertainers, including jugglers, magicians and actors. You can enjoy local food and live music while you watch a royal parade or a jousting tournament. If you’re looking for a little bit of magic after your orientation, this is the festival to attend.

Binghamton Rumble Ponies 2017 season

NYSEG Stadium, Downtown Binghamton

Dates: June 30 to July 3, July 7 to 9, July 17 to 19, July 27 to 30

This is a fantastic season to check out Binghamton’s local minor league baseball team. Not only was their home, the NYSEG Stadium, recently renovated, with a first-base party deck and third-base terrace seating, but this is the first season that the team will play under the “Rumble Ponies” name, having been the Binghamton Mets (an affiliate of the New York team), only one year ago. Spending an afternoon at the stadium watching a game is the perfect way to get to know the Downtown area.

Broome County Stallions

211 Henry St., Binghamton

Dates: June 24, July 22, July 29

If baseball isn’t your thing, Binghamton also has an amateur football team, the Broome County Stallions, which play for the Northeastern Football Alliance. Having a local football team is a gift, considering BU doesn’t have a football team of its own. The team plays at Binghamton Alumni Stadium at one of the local middle schools and donates their proceeds to CHOW, a local food charity.

Your orientation for a college is a big moment in your college experience, and taking some time to explore the area outside of campus will ensure you start off on the right foot in your home for the next four years.