Move over, School of Management; a networking event for BU’s artistic students and alumni is around the corner. The event, aptly named BingARTS, will showcase the talent of local artists and musicians from Binghamton University and the Binghamton community tonight.

BingARTS, run by the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development, will be hosted by Tamara Freudenstein, a senior majoring in graphic design, and Dara Riegel, the Center’s internship and career consultant. Freudenstein said she has been interested in providing networking opportunities for artists since the conception of her startup HauteNovi, which she launched just before coming to BU.

HauteNovi describes itself as a “social enterprise” that is dedicated to fostering a network of artists that allows creators to seek out collaborators based on their style and skills. According to Freudenstein, HauteNovi is looking to expand to an online platform.

“What we do at networking events is give people ‘Hello, my name is:’ stickers, and instead of writing your name, you write your occupation, like ‘Hello, my name is: photographer’ or “Hello, my name is: model,’” she said. “This web platform is going to do essentially that.”

Freudenstein’s experience with the development of her own company led her to get involved with the Center and start planning events. Last semester, she reached out to the Center with the intent of organizing a networking event for BU student artists. With Riegel’s help, she hosted a small on-campus event with a turnout of about 50 students. This semester, Riegel contacted her to ask if she was interested in hosting a similar event in Downtown Binghamton. HauteNovi will co-sponsor the event.

Riegel had the idea of featuring student art and performances at the event and wanted Freudenstein to help find people who might be interested in showcasing their work. The event will showcase a piece of visual art created jointly by five BU students.

Freudenstein said that the choice to hold the event in a gallery and feature live performances was made with the goal of sparking student interest in the event and inspiring them to get creative.

“I hope that people will get a sense of encouragement,” she said. “We want the music to motivate people to network.”

Although students may at first assume that the event is geared toward art majors, it is open to any student looking to meet other artists — everyone is welcome.

“It’s crazy how many students graduate with a degree in something else and end up in an art field,” Freudenstein said. “I definitely want to make sure that we’re empowering students of any major to pursue creating.”

BingARTS will be tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Anthony Brunelli Art Studio on State Street. The event is free and refreshments will be served.