This Friday at 7 p.m., Binghamton alumni Mike Amory, ‘13, and Jeremy Kaplowitz, ‘14, will return to campus to host “Lizard People of New York: Binghamton,” a comedy show based on their group, Lizard People of New York.

The event, hosted by Bing Stand Up, will take place in Lecture Hall 10 and feature both stand-up and sketch comedy.

Amory and Kaplowitz currently live in NYC and founded the group Lizard People of New York together. When Amory was a student at BU in 2012, he started the Bing Stand Up club and Kaplowitz became a member the following semester. Kaplowitz expressed that part of the reason they’re coming back to BU for the show is to keep up with the current members of the club.

“We want to maintain a relationship with the next generation of student-comedians at BU,” Kaplowitz said.

At the end of the show, Kaplowitz and Amory will do a table read of their pilot TV show script for those who are interested. The pilot is about Lizard People of New York and is not currently in production.

Admission to the show is free and open to all students and community members.