“Blossom,” Milky Chance’s sophomore effort, was released on March 17.

Milky Chance, the group behind the popular 2013 song “Stolen Dance,” released its sophomore album, “Blossom” on Friday.

Milky Chance’s musical style, which combines electronic, folk and reggae sounds, may be a bit confusing upon first listen — electronic production accompanies instruments in a way that is not heard often. However, the inherently Eurodance style will have your foot tapping and is complemented well by melodic electric guitar licks.

Some songs on the album, such as “Blossom,” “Cocoon” and “Ego,” seem suited for a small club atmosphere because of their roots in a thick electronic beat and a sometimes-funky bass. Latin-inspired acoustic chord progressions will leave you alternately wanting to hit the dance floor with a friend or kick back on a beach with a drink to watch the sunset. Overall, these songs have an upbeat, positive feel.

This album does Milky Chance justice by showcasing the group’s musical versatility. “Piano Song” and “Stay” slow things down and offer more sullen lyrics. Especially in “Piano Song,” the signature throaty vocals of lead singer Clemens Rehbein are perfect for when you want to curl up under a blanket on a rainy day.

Hailing from Kassel, Germany, Milky Chance began as a two-man group comprised of Rehbein and his childhood friend, Philipp Dausch. The duo composed its first album “Sadnecessary” in a makeshift studio in Rehbein’s childhood home. The hit single, “Stolen Dance,” launched the group into the European music scene and ultimately helped them find success with American audiences in 2014.

In the years since the release of their debut album, Milky Chance has recruited bassist Antonio Greger, adding a new dynamic to “Blossom.” The bass guitar adds a groovier feel and stronger electronic foundation compared to “Sadnecessary.”

Compared to the band’s debut album, this latest release notably demonstrates the maturation of Milky Chance over its five-year existence. Will this album save Milky Chance from becoming a one-hit wonder? Only time will tell. Still, the group has undeniably stayed true to the sound and style they cultivated on their first album.