Elizabeth Mannin/Editorial Artist

As the first delicate snowfall begins to turn into an ugly gray slush, it seems only right to take a long, hard look at your weekend wardrobe. Thick sweaters, bulky jackets and warm hats might not be the most flattering look, but on your walk back up to your dorm, you might wish you had a The North Face jacket on. But even if you don’t want to dress like you are going sledding, you don’t have to freeze on your night out. There are plenty of ways to stay warm and look hot.

A durable winter jacket in Binghamton is a must, no matter where you are going. The key is to make sure that your outerwear is cheap enough so that if you lose it, you will not have wasted a huge investment or lost something nice. Instead of your Canada Goose coat, opt for something cheap. Make a run to Goodwill or another used-clothing store to find a jacket that will keep you warm, but won’t deplete your budget. If you find a few especially cheap options, grab two in case you lose one. A cool, vintage jacket, like a denim or corduroy option, might be a bit out of your fashion comfort zone but will definitely spice up your style.

When thinking about what top to wear, remember that formfitting attire is always in season. Tank tops are temporarily retired, but a long-sleeved crop top or lace-front tee is a perfect swap. This latter style comes as short-sleeved and long-sleeved — so you can pick one up now and wear it in spring as well. If you elect to wear a crop top, pairing the style with high-waisted jeans will ensure that you can still look fashionable without sacrificing warmth.

Cardigans and flannels are always good options as they present the opportunity for layering. They pair well with virtually any type of shirt. If you’re feeling preppy, go for a patterned shirt and pair it with a solid cardigan on top. For an edgier look, try a flannel with a cool graphic T-shirt or crop top. If you get warm once inside The Rathskeller, you can tie your flannel around your waist. Cardigans and flannels also have the added the benefit of repurposing warm-weather shirts for everyday wear, so you can get double the mileage out of your wardrobe.

For bottoms, the thick leggings and denim that took up most of your fall wardrobe still remain viable choices. Ripped jeans are still a wearable choice, but if it’s particularly windy or snowy, skinny jeans or flared jeans paired with platform shoes are better choices for a long night out. If you stocked your fall wardrobe with dresses and skirts, you can continue to wear these styles this winter, by adding a pair of black or gray tights — make sure not to just get stockings, a thick pair of tights will keep you warm.

As far as footwear goes, boots are your best bet. Whether you choose to add a heeled bootie to a dress and tights combination or throw on Timberland boots with skinny jeans, you cannot go wrong. Thigh-high boots can cover more skin without sacrificing style. Be careful of the weather, though. If it’s snowy or rainy, you may want to wear something more durable for the conditions, or risk getting your feet soaked and cold.

What you wear when you go out really comes down to comfort, and in the winter, comfort might depend on your warmth. As long as you choose the right clothes for you to combat a cold night on State Street, you’ll be able to make it to the bars and back without getting frostbite.