Roni Shabo/Staff Photographer

With the first heavy snowfall of the season upon us, it’s time to put away the fall attire and whip out the heavy-duty winter wear. A good winter wardrobe combines style and warmth, and with these tricks, you can easily mix up your wardrobe to fit the frigid weather.

The transition usually starts with adding a good jacket. It may be time to retire your bomber jacket and replace it with a parka. Although layering is essential for warmth, you may not have to if you have a durable parka like one from Canada Goose or The North Face. If you’re feeling inspired by Drake, rock the Canada Goose with a pair of jeans and Timberland boots. Wool coats are also popular during winter, as they complement light-wash jeans and sneakers, but can go with virtually anything.

As far as accessories go, hats can always add to an outfit, or even complete your look during midterms and finals when putting effort into your hair is just too much to handle. Whether you wear a cap or a beanie, a hat can make or break an outfit if you’re running low on time.

A great aesthetic for the winter includes oversized vintage sweaters with leggings. Make sure to get thick leggings to battle the cold and hit up thrift shops to find these kinds of vintage looks. You never know what you will get, and going vintage also almost guarantees that no one else will have the same look.

Long cardigans, like those from Forever 21 and H&M — in fall colors like maroon and olive — are also great for winter. You can pair them up with solid color T-shirts and jeans, and can rock finish the look with a cute pair of boots or even a pair of sneakers.

Many people often forget the importance of socks. Making sure your feet are warm is an essential part of dressing for the cold, so use this opportunity to wear your best pairs. Try finding funky ones with fun designs, so you can show them off if they are poking out of your shoes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the dullness of winter, but if you keep your wardrobe fresh, you’ll never get bored. Keep a forward-looking mindset and soon you’ll be able to dress for spring.