Along with the turkey, trimmings and heated family arguments at the dinner table, Cyber Monday has become a cardinal part of the holiday season. Most people have taken to buying practically everything online, from their detergent to their food. For those who plan on tackling Christmas shopping from the comfort of home this year, here’s what you need to know.

— Make a game plan

The best way to be an efficient online shopper this Cyber Monday is to know what you’re looking for. Check out the promotions for the stores you plan to buy from and make a game plan. The signature style of Cyber Monday is to have flash sales that don’t last for long, so decisiveness is crucial. If you’re someone who likes to browse every single web page, don’t wait until the last moment to do it. Compare prices beforehand to avoid stress.

If you’re someone who likes to browse every single web page, don’t wait until the last moment to do it. Compare prices beforehand to avoid stress.

— Coupons

There are plenty of websites full of coupon codes meant to help shoppers save a few extra dollars. Don’t overlook these codes, and make sure to seek them out ahead of time. Sometimes stores will offer discounted gift cards, so this is a good opportunity to tell someone they’re worth $25 to you, but only pay $20 for the sentiment. Make sure to keep track of of these codes. Try making a handy sheet to keep by your side, or even a spreadsheet to keep track of which codes are for which stores. Here’s a few websites to get you going.,,,

— Watch for emails

Stores value their loyal customers, so before you try to buy your holiday gifts on Cyber Monday, sign up for email notifications. This is another way to stay in the know before the big day. Amid all the emails, it’s easy to lose track or miss some, so keep a sharp eye out and make sure you check your junk mail. Try making a folder so you can keep them all together and organized. After your shopping spree is over, you can unsubscribe from these emails at anytime so they don’t clog up your inbox.

— Be careful of “free gifts”

Retailers love creating attractive marketing campaigns to get customers to spend more money. The word free is highlighted, bolded and centered on their web pages when promoting certain offers. But remember that free doesn’t actually mean free — there’s almost always a catch when a store promotes something like this. It usually means that you have to buy a certain amount of product from the retailer. Don’t push yourself to add 10 more items when you only visited the site for one just to get free shipping or a free item — if you didn’t need it before, you probably still don’t.

— Big-ticket Items

Cyber Monday is a great time to buy big-ticket items. Electronics are often hugely discounted for Cyber Monday — just remember to not get swept up in the excitement. However, if you’ve been looking to buy a new TV, Xbox, phone or computer anyway, this is the perfect time to pick it up. Surprisingly enough, Cyber Monday is a great day to book vacations too, so this can be the time to make your plans to escape for spring break. Airlines and hotels promote discounted rates and free promotions when you book your vacations, so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well.