Kasey Robb/Staff Photographer Men have to walk a fine line between the masculine and feminine when deciding on accessories to complement their outfits.

With fads constantly changing, sometimes it’s hard for men to figure out what is and is not acceptable to wear. Accessories can play a vital role in the fashion world. A man should learn, or decide for himself, where to draw the line on looking good but not coming off too feminine. Pipe Dream asked men around campus for their opinions on the most popular accessories to discover what’s hot and what’s not.

1. Watches

Watches are a great way to add something special to an outfit; you can find an array of different styles to match with whatever outfit you’re wearing. It’s also an easy way to make a T-shirt and jeans a bit classier.

Eric Einhorn, a freshman majoring in philosophy, politics and law, said that watches are a great idea for more than just fashion reasons.

“I think watches appeal to people because they are attractive,” Einhorn said. “Not to mention their obvious functionality.”

2. Scarves

It is difficult to decide whether or not a man can pull off a scarf. Some men think it’s essential to fashion, some wear it because it gets too cold and some think it is too feminine. We can see a mix of all three types of men on campus.

Michael Schneberg, an electrical engineering graduate student, thinks that wearing a scarf as an accessory is going a bit overboard.

“I’m not a big fan of scarves,” Schneberg said. “I guess I think they’re a little girly.”

3. Earrings

Earrings seem to be a pretty gender-neutral accessory, as more and more men have been piercing different places on their bodies.

Brandon Cotroneo, a freshman majoring in industrial and systems engineering, thinks earrings are a cool fashion statement.

“I have my ear and eyebrow pierced and I get a lot of compliments on it,” Cotroneo said. “I guess it might be a little womanish to have too many, though.”

4. Man purses

It’s easy enough for a woman to carry a pocketbook that holds her life, but how are men supposed to lug around everything they need? It’s debatable whether men should have bags that accessorize their style or even use them for their simple functionality.

Messenger bags have become extremely popular with college students, but if you think having a bag is a bit effeminate, there’s always a backpack.

Keith Nocera, a junior majoring in psychology, prefers to wear a backpack.

“I don’t mind messenger or tote bags, but I would never buy one,” Nocera said. “They are only used to make you stand out. Why not just have a backpack?”

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the accessory of choice on a bright day, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. So the question here stands whether they should be used for style or just for practical purposes.

There are some guys who like to wear sunglasses to the bar because it accentuates their outfits. Others just like to pick up a pair at the nearest gas station to protect their eyes when they drive.

Kevin Mosher, a freshman majoring in computer science, believes that sunglasses could fulfill both purposes.

“If a guy is going to wear sunglasses, they should definitely be a nice pair and it has to be the appropriate occasion,” Mosher said. “A stylish pair of sunglasses can separate the average guy from the rest.”