Kasey Robb/Staff Photographer

You are out on the town on a Saturday night. You’re either with friends or taking a hot date to a local restaurant and you approach the bartender to order drinks.

“What’ll it be, sir?”

You stop for a second to think about it. You want to be sure of what you say next, because the drink you order says a lot about your personality.

For example, there is no way you are about to order an appletini or a cosmopolitan. Do you really want to drink the same cocktails the ladies from “Sex and the City” consume? Maybe if you want to convey an image of feminism, or that you like to shop a lot.

Realistically, though, you are most likely going for a different image. A classic masculine beverage to impress anyone you are out with is “anything on the rocks.”

This just means ordering something straight with ice cubes. That anything can be whiskey, scotch, rum, vodka or pretty much any other high-proof alcohol.

Your ability to drink alcohol with a minimum amount of chaser will impress your friends or that hot date. It proves you enjoy your beverage without having to wash it down. Also, you will look classy because you ordered something “on the rocks.”

But if “anything on the rocks” is not your type of drink, there is still the classic beer choice. Beer is a highly versatile beverage, and there are literally thousands of them to choose from.

After all, the most interesting man in the world drinks beer. Your choice of beer is a personal choice and must cater to your tastes.

As a general rule of thumb, it helps to go with microbrews over more commercialized brands such as Budweiser or Heineken. Microbrews usually taste better, and you sound like an experienced beer connoisseur when you order one.

Be wary though, because most bars will not carry totally obscure microbrews. Around Binghamton, try beers from Ithaca Beer Company, Brewery Ommegang or Brooklyn Brewery.

One final caution about beers: Be wary of any light beer. Despite what their advertising campaign may say, they probably do not taste better than the real thing. Anyway, what does it say about you, manly man, if you’re drinking a light beer?

Now that you’ve been given some insight into what your drink says about you and your personality, you might think twice before you order your drink at a bar. Now excuse me while I enjoy my appletini.