When I entered the House of Reardon, I was immediately greeted by a friendly waitress named Kristen. The restaurant was decorated with its Irish heritage in mind: Green clovers and Irish flags covered wooden walls alongside posters of the Notre Dame football team.

I went for the lunch special, which offered a three-course meal for a $10 price tag.

For the first course I chose a sausage and vegetable soup, which was the highlight of the meal by far. The sausage was tender, and the broth’s savory flavors accented the vegetables’ sweet and piquant taste. To be honest, I would have been very happy and satisfied to have a pint of that soup as an entree.

The entree options were varied, with a list ranging from cheeseburgers to chicken quesadillas. I opted for the prime rib sandwich, which I originally ordered with a side of fries. But then, a couple of minutes after I ordered, the restaurant’s owner, Bob Norris, came to check up on me and asked what I had ordered. When he heard I had chosen fries instead of the homemade chips, he turned to the bar and asked the kitchen if it was too late for me to get homemade chips as a side instead. So, if you go to House of Reardon get the homemade chips.

The entree was enjoyable to say the least. The sandwich bun was fluffy, and the prime rib was deliciously seasoned, albeit a little bit dry. To bring moisture back into the meat, there was a side of au jus for dipping. The homemade chips were worth the order change, they were thinly sliced and crunchy, while also topped with the perfect amount of salt.

Unfortunately, they ran out of cupcakes for dessert. To make up for this, they gave me a chicken and cheese quesadilla to take home and share with my friends. While I did not get to try it, they snatched it from me and ate it feverishly once I got back, so it is safe to say that the quesadilla was a good entree option as well.

Overall, the House of Reardon experience was pleasant. It would be a great place to go to to have a pint and chat with friends and family.