The Colonial has an appearance that matches its name, mimicking the style of an old-fashioned tavern. It has stylized metal chairs, walls made out of a combination of bricks and wood planks and free-hanging light bulbs with visible interior coils. Its modern ambiance music and flat screen televisions bring the restaurant into the 21st century, while fall leaves and Halloween decorations bring The Colonial into season.

The service was tremendous. The staff was sociable and helpful, creating a friendly atmosphere. At one point, one of the workers on break came to have lunch at the restaurant, and he brought his black lab puppy. He got a sandwich, and the puppy got a bowl of water. I realize this is a random occurrence, and you shouldn’t expect to meet a puppy every time you go to The Colonial, but it demonstrates the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant.

For Restaurant Week, The Colonial offers a lunch that consists of an appetizer, entree and dessert for $12.

I chose to start my meal with a plate of chicken tenders with a side of dressing. Admittedly the dish wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing, looking less like strips and more like a random tangle of breaded chicken. The taste wasn’t up to the standard of most chicken strips either, but that was overcome with a simple dip of dressing.

As an entree, The Colonial had options including the Colonial Burger, falafel burger and rueben sandwich. I had the Colonial Burger, and it was a major improvement. According to its website, The Colonial was awarded 2016’s Best Burger in Southern Tier at the Belly Busting Burger Battle Competition, and it was clear why.

Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise, the burger was shockingly tasty. I don’t usually have mayonnaise on a burger, but it gave it a tangy taste that complimented the burger well. It also came with a side of fries, which were standard, but even standard fries are good fries.

For dessert you can choose between a strawberry shortcake and yogurt parfait. I got the strawberry shortcake, and its presentation was delightful, coming in a clasped glass jar. This makes the dessert a smaller portion than a standard slice of strawberry shortcake, but by the end of such a filling meal, a smaller piece was preferred. Its flavor was perfectly fine, but it’s made with cottage cheese, which may not be preferable to everyone’s taste.

It should be mentioned that The Colonial is also a bar, with a wide selection of draft beers available. For those 21 and older, there is bound to be something appealing in the drink list, which includes over 50 options.

The Colonial’s charming atmosphere and good food — highlighted by the Colonial Burger — makes it a spot highly recommended for those spending a night on the town. I look forward to taking another trip, and seeing what else it has to offer.