Kevin Sussy/Photography Editor

As the weather starts to get colder, it’s time for your closet to start making changes. Fall is arguably the best time for fashion, simply because there is such a wide range of options, whether through layering or accessories. Like the weather, fashion is constantly changing, so it’s important to try to be one step ahead, and with the new school year having just begun, now is the time to get organized.

When it comes to color schemes, earth-inspired tones are the way to go this season. Olive, beige, tan or basically any color that looks like it came from the ground. Unsurprisingly, the colors of foliage are still extremely “in.” Burnt orange and rust are of the most predictable, whereas beige and a deep mustard are seen popping into the mix. Layering clothes also seems to be a major component to fashion this year. Shirts that are extra long will look great under anything from a flannel to a hoodie. For the perfect autumn day look, try a long plain gray T-shirt with a plaid mustard-colored flannel and jeans.

If you’re in need of a great jacket, look no further than a bomber or flight jacket. With inspiration taken from Kanye West, it seems like every brand from Givenchy to Uniqlo is pushing this trend, so it will definitely be easy to find one that is not only great quality, but affordable as well. You can carry the military vibe from this look into your eyewear with aviator sunglasses.
Another style to try this season is distressed clothes. Ripped jeans, or some holes in sweaters and shirts are perfect, but try not to go overboard with it. If you want to see how it would look on you before going out to buy something new, you can always self-distress an old shirt or pants and see if it’s for you.

Start with sandpaper and wear out the areas you would like to tear. Then, take some scissors and cut the distressed fabric horizontally. From there, just take tweezers and pull the separate threads to however you want them to look. Self-distressing may sometimes be better, simply because you can dictate how much distressed cloth you actually want.

Jewelry this fall mostly favors gold. Large earrings, whether they’re hoops or chunky, are seemingly trendy, as is layering necklaces. Start with a long necklace, and then get progressively shorter, ending with a choker. If you want to stick with the earthy trend, find pieces that feature items from nature such as colorful rocks and minerals or pearls.

Once you have an idea of how you want your top half to look, it’s time to pick pants and shoes. One option would be a great pair of slim joggers. Not only are they comfortable, but they can also be really warm and look more fashionable than a pair of cargo pants. If you throw on a solid-colored

T-shirt with your nicest pair of sneakers, it will definitely be an outfit people will remember.
If you want a more fun look, let the style of the ’60s guide you and go with a flared pant. You can take this look to another level by buying flared pants made of a non-traditional fabric, such as spandex. That being said, denim is always trendy, and you can even throw on a denim jacket into the mix. Just be sure that it’s not the same color denim as your pants.

You can buy any of these pieces from a lower-end retailer like Forever 21, but if you’re willing to spend more, check out a store like Banana Republic. Remember, fashion is all about finding what looks best for you. So even if it’s not particularly “in style,” that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it or wear it. If you like it and want to buy it, go for it.