Kevin Sussy/Pipe Dream Photographer Photo illustration: Kalissa Sawyer, a sophomore double-majoring in human development and Latin American and Caribbean area studies, colors an intricate design in a coloring book for grown-ups. Adult coloring books can provide an effective way to relieve stress during finals week.

Whether you’re a freshman trying to fulfill Gen Ed requirements or a senior about to present a semester-long project, everyone is in the same boat riding tidal waves of stress. While the last days of school might be relentless and exhausting, deep down inside, your inner child is shouting at you to relax during this stressful time. In case you forgot, or need a reminder, here are some ways to revisit your youth to relax during these last few weeks.

Break out the crayons

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now as more and more people have been looking to use them to relax. Whether you’re looking for pictures of mandalas, flowers, animals or even zombies, you can find a book for your interests. These coloring books are different than others because the patterns often require time and detail to complete. Complex coloring pages can allow you to turn off your mind for a short time and focus on the present moment instead of looming deadlines.

Explore your environment

One of the best aspects of being a child is having a true curiosity for the world around them. Instead of focusing on what score you need to get to pass your class, take time out of your day to have a little adventure. Our school is lucky to have a vast nature preserve where you can enjoy the scenery and fresh air. If you have a car or another way to get around, go explore the towns surrounding campus or take a trip to Ithaca and explore the various hiking trails with magnificent waterfall views. The opportunities are endless when it comes to exploring.

Chill out with a karaoke session

In between studying chapters in your textbooks, take a break to dance and sing to some of your favorite songs. Whether you’re into Drake or Disney soundtracks, one of the best ways to de-stress is by singing your heart out and hitting those high notes. Even dancing can release built up tension. Most kinds of physical activity encourage your brain to release endorphins and dancing is certainly included. This release of endorphins can decrease stress and increase joy.

Catch some Zs

Maybe you won’t admit it, but you definitely wax nostalgic for those afternoon naps you took in preschool. Early morning coffees will always catch up with your body, so it is important to remember that you’ll absorb information more effectively if you have get your energy from sleep instead of caffeine. A 10 to 20-minute nap is perfect for a boost in energy and alertness and this short amount of time ends during light stages of sleep, which makes it easier to wake up and go back to your work.

Play a game with friends

Sometimes a good old game night is exactly what you need to relax. A night filled with friends, a game of Monopoly and a ton of snacks can bring out your competitive side and help you forget the stresses of the upcoming weeks. If board games aren’t exactly your style, play Mario Party or Just Dance if you have it available. If you don’t have any board or video games, charades can also be an incredibly competitive alternative. The possibilities for a game night are endless.